Ready to improve your marketing operations and optimization campaigns? Then it’s time to adopt an SEO project management software that will help your team boost Google rankings through organized and consistent strategy. Learn more ways to evolve your digital marketing game and how Wrike can transform how your SEO team works on every level.  

What is SEO project management?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of website traffic. 90% of internet users won’t even go past the first page of search engine results and it takes a layered strategy to get to your webpages to those top positions. SEO project management organizes and executes the many complicated tasks, campaigns, and strategies associated with optimization. 

What is SEO project management software?

SEO project management software is a tool that streamlines collaboration on these optimization projects. Since there are a lot of moving parts —-  including content creation and keyword research —  SEO project management software is essential for keeping teams on the same page. SEO management tools give agencies insight into both big picture concerns and smaller, detailed tasks. 

Why your SEO team needs SEO project management software

Your content team needs SEO project management software to achieve consistent growth. Templates, timelines, and task detailing are just some of the helpful features tools like these offer. Because SEO requires a lot of upgrades in techniques and strategies on a regular basis, teams need support if they’re going to be on their A-game.

Here are even more benefits of having SEO campaign management software: 

  • The ability to monitor site-wide issues through a systematic approach 
  • Templatization for recurring tasks that save time and capitalize on past SEO wins
  • File and asset management in one accessible place so no one ever has to sift through a messy inbox for an important detail ever again
  • Centralized team and client communication that builds trust through transparency by keeping everyone on the same page at all times
  • Task management that makes it clear who will draft, publish, and own each part of your SEO campaigns

Why Wrike has the features you need to manage any SEO project

It should come as no surprise that Wrike’s marketing project management platform offers one of the top project management tools for SEO agencies, providing all of the benefits we just mentioned and more. Here are some practical reasons why Wrike is the best SEO project management tool for directors and project managers: 

  1. Wrike offers customization for complex and unique SEO tasks.  
  2. Wrike allows SEO project managers and teams to assign tasks, add dependencies, prioritize to-do lists, add due dates, and update product statuses. 
  3. Wrike’s automation tools streamline marketing campaigns with features like templates and automatic task dependency notifications.  
  4. Wrike lets SEO teams share what they’re working on with clients at no additional cost so they can see progress, make approvals, and access materials whenever they want. 
  5. Wrike is easy to understand and implement, helping software-fatigued SEO teams adopt the tool that much faster and with greater efficiency. 
  6. Wrike offers full A to Z campaign management for all short and long term SEO projects at once thanks to features like comprehensive dashboards, Gantt charts, and document management. 
  7. Wrike uses @mentions to loop in collaborators and stakeholders for quicker decision making marketing team communication a lot more straightforward. 
  8. Wrike’s workflow tools help SEO agencies create, test, and adjust how they execute important campaigns over time, improving at every launch. 

Apps to integrate with Wrike

SEO managers and teams appreciate that there are plenty of apps to integrate with Wrike, including popular tools like Google Drive and Slack. But if you want to link up SEO-specific tools like your Ahrefs or Google Analytics reports, you can easily customize your own integration using Wrike Integrate.

Optimize your team with Wrike’s SEO project management software

SEO project management software helps SEO teams bring all their moving parts into one central platform where they can organize, communicate about, and execute tasks large and small. Wrike’s robust interface helps SEO managers optimize their own teams with plenty of useful features and app integrations to make their work more effective. Want to see firsthand why Wrike’s project management tool is perfect for your SEO team? Check out our two-week free trial.