As one of the world's leading content creators, Sony Pictures Television produces and distributes thousands of projects every year across every genre and platform imaginable. These projects include beloved and award-winning favorites like "The Blacklist," "Wheel of Fortune," and "Jeopardy!" However, the sheer volume of assets managed by their teams necessitates a robust and flexible project management tool that can keep up with their impressive pace.

Sony Pictures Television and Wrike case study: improving processes and proving value

Tasked with sourcing a better project management solution for Sony Pictures Television’s global creative teams, Nicki Batelli, Vice President of Operations & Production for the Creative Center at Sony Pictures Television, started the process by gathering team requirements and analyzing 25 different options. However, finding a tool that was flexible enough to work across so many different teams yet powerful enough to provide upper management the necessary visibility and reporting was a challenging endeavor. 

After a year of contemplating and searching, Sony Pictures Television chose Wrike as their work management platform of choice. It's improved their creative process, proved creatives' impact on business, and helped collaboration across the board — especially amid the ongoing pandemic. Since its initial integration, Wrike has been expanded across multiple international teams and departments across Sony Pictures Television. 

"I feel Wrike is the background tool. It's the skeleton to the production madness that keeps everyone organized and accountable for what they're assigned to … all the protocols set by our Wrike workflow allow our creatives to actually spend their time being creative." — Nicki Batelli, Vice President of Operations & Production

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