We have just released a pack of long-expected features. They will help you manage and visualize your plans and track progress. We also hope they will please you with their usability and intelligence.

1) In many respects, our main innovation, a timeline, is unique among online collaboration tools. You may feel lucky when you can easily update plans and spend a minimum of time to notify your team about the changes. A timeline also helps you quickly understand where you or your business stands.

2) The second substantial improvement is that notifications have become more convenient and delicate. Now if you are overwhelmed with notification e-mails, you can switch to a daily digest, instead of immediate delivery, and designate the folders about which you’d like to receive notifications, and those from which you would not.

We have many more ideas in our heads, including a development roadmap and concrete tasks within our Wrike accounts.

Stay turned and check what we have prepared for you in the release on June 15!

Our supporters (users who have joined the beta version) will get a special, fetching offer.