We release weekly posts with new updates, features, and tips and tricks every month. For those of you who are pressed for time, we want to gather those news alerts into a single post with all the good stuff. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest from Wrike headquarters this month: 

New user group: We launched a new manufacturing forum for those in the manufacturing industry. If that’s you, we invite you to check out our Manufacturing User Group, where you can connect with other professionals in your field. 

Unique email confirmations for request forms: We updated our post-submission emails so you can create unique email confirmations for each external request form submitted, ensuring a more customized and personal experience. Wrike’s automation will trigger the correct response depending on the form submitted. 

You can find this option in the request form settings dialog, where the existing and new forms can be edited to create or edit a ”thank you” email. Please note that this update applies only to external request forms.

New custom fields for users: Available in Wrike Labs for those on Business plans and up, custom fields for users allow you to create fields with specified values that Wrike will use to provide suggestions automatically. For instance, you can choose an assignee and instantly see which users match your requirements. You can learn more about custom fields for users in this post

New design tab in our new dashboards: Our new dashboards launched in March, and they’re already getting even more functionalities! Now, they have a new design tab that allows you to customize your data even more thoroughly. When creating a widget, select one of the available charts and see the new design option. For existing widgets, just click on the three-dot menu and you can adjust the data display for your chart, including sorting data by value, alphabet, or field. 

Improved blueprint creation: We’ve improved the process of creating items from blueprints by adding them to the context creation menu. Simply click on the + button at the top-right corner of your workspace and select Customize this menu to add blueprints. Then, toggle the relevant blueprint to make it available when creating a new item. 

You can also use blueprints when creating a new item in the Table view. If you don’t see your blueprint in that menu yet, you can customize the creation menu to add it. The same instruction applies to the Board view and any other part of your workspace where this menu is supported. Please note that blueprints will only be available to users with access to them. 

Improved mobile access: Our latest mobile update includes access to calendars, additional options in the three-dot menu, follow-up questions in request forms, pending approval inbox and push notifications, task status updates from Table view, and new dashboard access! 

These options are already available in our iOS app, and availability on the Android app is coming soon.

Would you prefer a visual walk-through of all our key product improvements? This quick video covers our March updates: 

If you’re enjoying these updates and want to share the power of Wrike with other teams in your organization, get your colleagues to start a free two-week trial! The more your organization uses Wrike, the more powerful collaboration you’ll all experience.