Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we collect and curate the week's best reads in productivity, management, and work. This week, we lead off with an interesting story about one founder's risky move in the face of a potential acquisition. He made his acquisition process public and shared crucial lessons that other entrepreneurs can now benefit from. But it was a risk. Is this kind of transparency worth it? You be the judge.

How One Founder’s $5 Million Risk Paid Off (The Next Web): As his company, Heyo, was being acquired, CEO Nathan Latka took a risk and recorded the entire acquisition process, making conversations public on his popular podcast, and capturing lessons for other entrepreneurs. Happy ending: the deal went through — and he even signed the official letter of intent live on his podcast.

How to Email a VC (A VC): Over on Fred Wilson's blog, he's posted a short video interview of Brian Watson (Union Square Ventures 2012-2014) on how to email a venture capitalist.

Keeping Marketing Technology Integration in Perspective (Chief Martec): Scott Brinker examines the results from The State of Agile Marketing in 2016 report and explains why there is such an explosion of marketing technology solutions — it's a direct result of marketers striving to keep up with market changes, and do more with fewer resources.

The Realities of Working With a Remote Team (Huffington Post): When your team is scattered across the globe, you solve the challenges of distance with the right types of tools, and with a great deal more understanding.

3 Solutions for Workplace Stress That Actually Last (Fox News): When harmful stress in the workplace becomes persistent and workers feel they've lost control of a situation, it negatively impacts their health. Here are 3 common causes of workplace stress and how to solve them so they don't recur.

I Don’t Believe in Productivity Hacks. Can They Help Me Anyway? (Slate): A productivity pessimist takes on the challenge of asking, "why am I doing this?" before trying to accomplish a task and comes up against some roadblocks. Conversing with productivity author Charles Duhigg (Smarter Faster Better, The Power of Habit) helps clear things up.

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