Be honest: How many times have you searched for a file….only to discover you have five “final” versions? Or worse, no file at all?

Whether it's an image from your creative team, a contract from legal, or a marketing presentation, the ability to quickly find the right file—and the right version—can make the difference between delivering projects on time and on target, or totally missing the mark.

Today, we're excited to announce a few new Wrike features to help you create, find, and use the right files faster:

  • File Widgets in Dashboards
  • File Widget Grid View (available in Wrike for Marketers and the Proofing & Approvals add-on)
  • Proofing & Approvals in Wrike's Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud (available with Wrike for Marketers and the Proofing & Approvals add-on)

Let’s dig into how Wrike's collaborative work management solution makes it easier than ever to work with files.

Find the right files faster

No one has the time to dig through emails and asset management libraries looking for long lost files. And no one wants to be the culprit caught sending outdated or inaccurate documents to colleagues and customers.

Unfortunately, these situations happen often. Workers spend up to 20% of the work week trying to find information, and 42% use incorrect information weekly.

Wrike’s integrated search and version tracking functionalities already help users find the right files quickly and easily. Our new Dashboard File Widget takes file management to a whole new level!


File Widget allows you to group files from a specific project or folder in your Wrike Dashboard. You can also sort and filter files within the widget by file and task attributes like upload date, name, workflow status, and more.


Finding the exact file you need when you need it is a snap with these features:

  • Organize files from a folder or project in one place
  • Filter and sort by file and task attributes
  • Filter by review status to create a queue of assets pending approval*
  • View relevant details in the widget or on mouse-over
  • Find files visually with image and video previews in Grid View*
  • Quickly download files or open them in Wrike to add feedback with the Proofing & Approvals add-on

Create amazing assets sooner

About 25% of creatives spend less than two hours a day actually doing creative work, according to an iStock-commissioned survey of 400 creatives across the US and UK.

Precious time and effort is spent searching for information, chasing down approvals, sending status updates, and formatting files. Switching back and forth between tools interrupts creativity, taking designers out of the zone and leading to missed deadlines, less impactful designs, and frustrated team members.

Wrike’s Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud** keeps creatives in the tools they love. It allows them to receive creative briefs, track work, collaborate, receive feedback, and request approvals without leaving Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign, or Illustrator.

And now, Wrike’s Extension enables access to our popular Proofing & Approvals tools from directly within Adobe Creative Cloud! This latest update supercharges the creative process by enabling creativity and work management to happen in unison—without the need to switch between multiple tools.

The ability to "add to review" and receive clear and actionable feedback within Adobe Creative Cloud applications frees creatives to focus on quality and conduct more review cycles in less time.


Wrike’s Extension enables teams to do the following—without ever leaving Adobe Creative Cloud:

  • Receive creative briefs
  • Update job statuses
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Attach previews of Adobe projects to Wrike
  • Update and track different attachment versions
  • Submit attachments for approval
  • View proofing markups and review statuses


Try our new File Widget and Wrike's Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud today

File management doesn’t have to be messy. Wrike’s new File Widget, Grid View, and Proofing & Approvals in Adobe Creative Cloud help marketers and creatives create, find, and use the right files in a snap.

But don’t take our word for it—try these new features out for yourself when you sign up for a free trial of Wrike for Marketers today!

Already tried out these new features? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

*File Widgets are available with Professional and above. Grid View is available with Wrike for Marketers and the Proofing & Approvals add-on only. Filter by review status available with Wrike for Marketers and Proofing & Approvals. Check out our Dashboard Widgets help page for more information.

**Wrike's Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud is available with Wrike for Marketers and the Proofing & Approvals add-on. Check out our Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud help page for more detailed instructions.

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