Marketing team completes 20% more tasks by aligning workflows on Wrike

Rurik Bradbury

Chief Marketing Officer, Unison Technologies

Unison — unified communications software. Team of 16 people headquartered in New York City.

Their story

Other platforms slowed workflows down by making the team adjust their pre‑existing processes

As a productivity solution, it was very important to Rurik Bradbury, Chief Marketing Officer at Unison Technologies, that his team embodied the company's value and function productively as a team. The teams were struggling with effective communication between their offices in New York and Russia. They tried various web-based collaboration solutions prior to Wrike, but none of them actually fit into the way they worked. Basecamp required them to log in every single time they needed to check or update their tasks. Team members would have to alter their pre-existing processes to adapt to these solutions, which only ended up taking more time. Bradbury needed a solution that was efficient but flexible enough to complement the way his team preferred to work.

Each team member has his or her own perspective on a project, be it development, design, or marketing. Basecamp and other similar applications will not allow you to accommodate all those views, but Wrike does.

Rurik Bradbury

Chief Marketing Officer, Unison Technologies

Their victory

Number of tasks completed increased by 20% by communicating through Wrike

Instead of losing data in email threads, tasks are stored, shared, and completed in Wrike. While other project management solutions restricted the team to only one way of structuring their workflow, Wrike is flexible and can be customized to each person's way of working. Wrike also allows the team to create and update tasks directly from their inboxes and stick to their established work habits. By unifying all data in one place and making it easy to quickly access important information, team efficiency increased and more tasks were accomplished on time.

Their superpowers

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Task Flexibility

In Wrike, a task can stand for anything from a customer request to a support ticket or a new idea for a product promotion. When Bradbury's team creates a task, they share that task with the appropriate team members. To avoid confusion, they only give people access to individual tasks they are assigned to, instead of sharing the entire project folder. That way, each person in the team can organize their tasks they want and create their own ideal folder structure.

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Seamless Email Integration

Email is essential to the Unison team, so Wrike's email integration helps enhance their communication. Instead of getting rid of email, they can use it to assign and update Wrike tasks. "When I check my inbox and read all the messages, I don't like to be interrupted, because then it's really easy to miss and forget about an important email," says Bradbury. "I love that I can immediately create or update a task in Wrike directly from my inbox. No data is lost!"

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