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Laura Roeder

Popular Online Marketing
Strategist and Social Media

LKR Social Management (Roeder Studios) — boutique firm specializing in social media marketing

Their story

In the process of growing it becomes very difficult to stay on top of things

“My business is helping SMBs to market themselves online via social media and other online marketing tools. I have several online training programs that work well for businesses that have neither plenty of money nor loads of time to spend on marketing consultants. My most popular free program, The Dash, provides weekly step-by-step video instructions on how to rock out your Web presence,” says Laura Roeder.

LKR Social Management`s team works from three locations: California, Hawaii and the Philippines. So, every day the team had to deal with the time zone madness, when they are hardly ever all three on the computer at the same time.

Before adopting Wrike, the team basically worked out of our email inboxes, receiving requests from our clients and answering their questions. This was not very productive, as emails can easily be missed or lost. Then LKR Social Management started looking for a way to stay organized with all the online projects, and this is how they came to Wrike.

Wrike was appealing because of its flexibility, first of all. I can track numerous tasks and projects in one workspace.

Laura Roeder

Popular Online Marketing Strategist and Social Media Expert

Their victory

Wrike turned out to be a great collaboration platform where the team can work all together

“We had to create paper lists of tasks that need to be done. My table was literally buried under those lists. Everything is so much better now, as we've got Wrike. It's good to have a system so well integrated with email. When clients give me something to do, it's done mostly via email. it's done mostly via email. Now I can simply forward my email conversation to Wrike and assign it to a specific project, and it will automatically become a task with a due date,” says Laura Roeder.

Wrike's email notifications about the team members' actions are also very convenient for the team. They help the company stay up-to-date even when one of the members not logged in at wrike.com.

“Wrike supports freeform collaboration, and I guess that's why it works perfectly for our team. We don't have a clear hierarchy. Our team members assign tasks to each other and then report to the whole team on what they have done,” says Laura Roeder.

This collaboration pattern saves the team lots of time and makes them way more productive than they would be with the traditional, top-down management approach. Wrike turned out to be a great collaboration platform where the team can create tasks, share them with other people, assign and reassign our to-dos, and track the progress all together.

Their superpowers

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Flexible Structure

Making Wrike customized and tailored to LKR Social Management`s team needs makes them organize their workflow in more productive way. “I really like that, any time I have a set of tasks, I don't have to create a project and fill in all the different settings. I create a folder or a sub-folder instantly and set a task list in minutes,” says Laura Roeder.

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Tasks Visualization

With Wrike`s ability to easily sort tasks and projects by responsible people, by due date, by client or by other parameters, so that the team has a clear picture of who needs to do what and when. “In other tools, you won't find this simplicity,” says Laura Roeder.

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