It's Friday, which means it's time for the weekly Work Management roundup! And since it's the first Friday of October, it's also National Manufacturing Day. So, just a little aside: kudos to all who build and manufacture goods and services here in America. Anyway, this week we have compiled links to articles that will help you build yourself into a better worker.

Sweden is Shifting to Six-Hour Workdays (FastCoExist): It's been proven that clocking in longer hours is detrimental to both the individual and the organization, which is why Sweden is taking that info to heart. The six-hour workday is becoming more and more common for Swedish companies as organizations strive for a better work/life balance.

The Top 6 Free "Getting Things Done" Software (Capterra): So you want to get organized, and you need some tech recommendations? These 6 GTD tools are free for at least one user. Check them all out.

The Best Time for a Break Might Be Mid-Morning, Not the Afternoon (Lifehacker): New research suggests that it’s better to take a break before you’ve used up your mental resources, in order to actually refresh and recuperate your mind and body — which means taking breaks earlier in the day.

How to Fly Like a Pro (Business Insider): Do you travel a lot for work? Sick of the stress of flying? Here are twenty illustrated tips on how to fly like a pro. For example: avoid coffee & drink green tea instead (so you don't dehydrate yourself).

17 Books to Inspire Creative Teams (Wrike): If you're part of a creative team, you need to feed the mind to ensure that you never run out of fresh ideas. This list of 17 books will inspire you and provide you with energy and creative juice for the work ahead.

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