Wrike Todo List Extension Project Management

Wrike ToDo List Project Management Integration

Create a personalized task list and see your inbox notifications without having to open Wrike.

Wrike ToDo is all about you

Wrike Benefit
Build to-do list

Create to-dos with a click. Easily access your list by opening a new Chrome tab.

Wrike Benefit
Stay in the loop with Inbox

See your Wrike notifications without opening Wrike.

Wrike Benefit
Pick a color

We've designed several themes. Choose the one that fits your mood best!

You can benefit from this extension if you:

  • Have a to-do, action, follow-up, or any other item to jot down
  • Want to check your personal to-do list
  • Eager to build your personal productivity report or dashboard in Wrike
  • Feel like you’re always forgetting something

Note: A free or paid Wrike account is required to use Wrike ToDo.


Wrike ToDo List is a Chrome extension that allows you to create “to do” priority items within your browser that will automatically convert to Wrike tasks.
To get the Wrike ToDo List extension, go to the Chrome Web Store and search “Wrike ToDo List”. Once you add the extension to your browser and log in with your Wrike credentials, you’ll be able to add a list of your priorities for the day or week and view Wrike mentions and task updates in one clean, sophisticated interface.
With the Wrike ToDo list extension, users can view unread tasks from their inbox without even opening Wrike. They can also see a list of tasks they have been mentioned on or that have been shared with them. It is also possible to set up reminders with the ToDo list extension.
Yes! The ToDo List extension can be added to your browser at no cost.