Wrike ToDo List (Chrome extension)

Create a personalized task list and see your inbox notifications without having to open Wrike.

Wrike ToDo is all about you

Wrike Benefit
Build to-do list

Create to-dos with a click. Easily access your list by opening a new Chrome tab.

Wrike Benefit
Stay in the loop with Inbox

See your Wrike notifications without opening Wrike.

Wrike Benefit
Pick a color

We've designed several themes. Choose the one that fits your mood best!

You can benefit from this extension if you:

  • Have a to-do, action, follow-up, or any other item to jot down
  • Want to check your personal to-do list
  • Eager to build your personal productivity report or dashboard in Wrike
  • Feel like you’re always forgetting something

Note: A free or paid Wrike account is required to use Wrike ToDo.