Project management software integration for email

Create, assign, and edit Wrike tasks directly from the email client of your choice.

<p>Project management software integration for email<br></p>


Wrike’s patented email integration helps you easily track every project update

Create a task via email

Send a task to Wrike. Include “[email protected]” in the “To” or “CC” field. If “[email protected]” is the only recipient, the task is assigned to you.

Assign a task via email

To assign a task to specific users, simply include their email addresses in the “To” field.

To reassign a task, include the new assignee’s email address in the “To” field and add “FW:” to the beginning of the subject line.

Add attachments

If you include file or image attachments in your email, they will appear in that task’s list of attached files in Wrike.

Schedule a task

If you do not add any dates in the email subject line, then the task is processed according to your profile settings and set either as ‘Backlogged’ or ‘Planned for Today’. You can also schedule a task for specific dates by adding the start date and due date surrounded with brackets to the email’s subject line: [MM/DD-MM/DD].

Set task status

If you do not specify statuses for tasks sent via email, then they are created as ‘Active’ by default. To change or specify a task status, just add the desired status [in brackets] into your email’s subject line. When you add the task status ‘Completed’ via email, then the task is automatically marked as completed in Wrike.

Prioritize important tasks

Change the priority of your email to update the task importance in Wrike.

Email comments to existing tasks

  • Want to forward an email to a task and include its contents as a comment? Send it to [email protected] and put Re: [Folder Name] Task title in the subject line (1)
  • The other way to add a comment to an existing task is by sending an email to the task’s unique email address (2)

Advanced features

<h5>Email a task to a subfolder<br></h5>
Email a task to a subfolder

You can email a task to a subfolder just like you would email it to a folder. If you have several subfolders with the same name, provide the folder path to put the task in the right place. To create a folder path, just list all parent folders, separating each with slashes, and put brackets around the list.

<h5>Email a task to several folders</h5>
Email a task to several folders

To do this, list all the folder names you would like to include the task in, separate the folder names with commas, and make sure to include square brackets around the folder list. Unless you specify a status, the task’s workflow is taken from the first folder in the list.

<p>Get things done faster with Wrike’s project management software!</p>

Get things done faster with Wrike’s project management software!

<p>Get things done faster with Wrike’s project management software!</p>