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What is the difference between capacity planning and resource planning?

In project management, a resource is anything that is needed to complete a task or a project. This can involve materials, money, and even people. Resource management is a strategic approach to managing these assets. 

Resource planning and capacity planning are how businesses leverage their resources to meet their organizational goals.

  • Capacity planning
    Capacity planning is the process of anticipating the future business requirements of an organization or client. Capacity planning also aims to ensure resources with the necessary skill sets are made available to address evolving client and business demands. 
  • Resource planning
    Resource planning involves the efficient management of the resources needed to complete a task or project. 

Resource managers can reallocate tasks, change deadlines, and take other measures to ensure project goals are met and workers are not underutilized, overutilized, or experiencing burnout. Resource managers also need to ensure conflicts do not arise over the course of the project lifecycle.