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Important announcements from Wrike, the award-winning project collaboration and management software.

General information about the service


Wrike is the winner in the B2B start-up competition at leWeb3, in eWEEK's eighth annual Excellence Awards program and in the Red Herring 100 Global award program.

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"Wrike offers a great deal of flexibility. You can adapt it to many different business needs and even use it as a simple CRM tool to help resolve knotty customer issues." - Richard Morochove, PCWorld.


"Wrike combines the flexibility and spontaneity of collaborative software with the ease of use and structural rigor of traditional email to help organizations manage projects efficiently while allowing a maximum number of team members to contribute to a project's successful completion." - Debra Donston, eWeek.

" helps bridge the gap between email collaboration and Web 2.0 online collaboration." - Amanda C. Kooser,


"Wrike integrates with the users’ email to keep the environment familiar and easily maneuverable." - Cody Barbierri, VentureBeat


"The redesigned — and much more user-friendly — interface takes its cues from social networking tools like Facebook, aggregating relevant data from various projects into a single customizable dashboard-like workspace." - Simon Mackie, GigaOM


"Teams can share their projects with others and users can turn on a variety of features, including time-tracking, task-sharing, wiki-style task-editing, printable Gantt charts and reports, filtering, task and folder tagging and customazible folder structure." - Leena Rao, TechCrunch

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Customer Success

Thousands of managers from Capgemini, eBay, Salesforce, Ecco, Lifetime Networks, as well as small and midsize businesses, rely on Wrike. Read our customer success stories to learn how organizations like yours are using Wrike.

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Wrike's blogs


We are well qualified to provide comments and insights into a variety of topics relevant to project management, including:

  • Challenges and opportunities of adopting project management software in organizations
  • Analysis of how Web 2.0 technologies influence project management
  • Comparison of traditional project management and project management 2.0
  • How project management 2.0 tools make people and organizations more productive
  • Top-down and bottom-up approaches to project management
  • Benefits of applying collective intelligence to managing projects
  • New approaches to managing projects

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Wrike turned out to be exactly what we needed - a simple and elegant tool that is not overloaded with features and saves us precious time." - Nick Borders, director of digital development, Entercom.

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Customer Success Stories:

Project Management 2.0

Analysis of how Enterprise 2.0 technologies influence project management