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The PMO’s Guide to Thriving in the Future of Work

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Real advice and practical solutions for today’s project management offices

The first wave of digital transformation has come and gone, and many organizations are entering their second or third wave due to the pandemic.
In the spirit of thriving in the future of work, companies that want to stay competitive need to adapt to ongoing digital transformation. Part of adapting means embracing a remote/hybrid workforce and accelerating the adoption of digital tools for cross-team collaboration.
The expansion of remote and hybrid workforces presents project management offices (PMOs) with a special challenge: how to quickly adapt to supporting distributed teams while shifting the organization's focus to newly digital projects and processes.
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What’s in the eBook

  • The changing landscape for PMOs and the “Next Wave” of digital transformation
  • “Work your way:” What it means and why it matters
  • Goal-setting: Three areas to focus your efforts
  • Top five PMO pain points and how Wrike can resolve them