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Highlighting the Customer's Voice: 32 G2 Reviews About the Wrike Platform

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Wrike customers share their experience in the Wrike platform

Marketing leaders or heads of company buying centers evaluating their tech stack rely on third-party recommendations to confirm they’re purchasing solutions from best-in-class providers. The problem is, evaluating software is very time-consuming. Fortunately, word-of-mouth saves business leaders a lot of time evaluating their choices.

Collaborative work management (CWM) has become a competitive category over the past decade as businesses realize the importance of having a system of record. Knowing which CWM vendors provide the feature set and support necessary to scale with you can be both time-consuming and daunting. To speed up your evaluation process, we’ve assembled 32 reviews in five key areas from one of the leading software review sites, G2.
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What’s in the eBook

  • Real Wrike G2 reviews that demonstrate our powerful work management features. Go beyond @ mentioning teammates, file sharing, and automated notifications, and learn how Wrike distinguishes itself from the rest.
  • What’s under the hood matters most. Wrike’s got the feature set to fit any team.
  • Intuitive, modern communication. Say hello to cross-functional collaboration and goodbye to email and Slack as your primary collaboration methods.
  • Flexibility, customization, and transparency. Adjust project resources on the fly, and flexible reporting features make it easy for teams to track work and maximize results.
  • Your hub for work, simplified. Centralize all your work to simplify your project management processes.