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andrew filev As the founder and CEO of Wrike, Andrew Filev is the visionary behind the unique social project management mix that has become an irreplaceable collaboration solution for thousands of customers. As a successful software entrepreneur and experienced project manager, Andrew not only oversees the company's business strategy, but passionately leads the product management.

Prior to Wrike, Andrew Filev launched his first software development venture at the age of 17. Growing it into an international business with more than 100 engineers, he faced the same collaboration challenges that millions of companies struggle with frequently. Looking for efficient solutions, he came up with his own idea of a collaboration platform for dynamic distributed teams, running several simultaneous projects, just like his team. "Traditional software didn't work for my team, and we weren't alone in this. We needed a better alternative — a tool that would help connect data across multiple projects, would give a crystal-clear overview of these projects to managers and would become one hub for smooth, real-time collaboration for the whole team," Andrew says about the origins of Wrike's vision.

The first pillar in Andrew's "go where data is" concept, which has become Wrike's core, was building advanced e-mail integration to bring data from the most ubiquitous communication tools into the planning process. Further, developing Wrike as a flexible and easy-to-use system that would perfectly scale to growing teams and more data, Andrew came up with an innovative work graph model that combines the ideas from project management (work breakdown structure), operating systems (hierarchical folders), semantic web (tags) and brainstorming (mindmap) into one cohesive and simple model.

Andrew has been a contributing author in influential blogs and journals (Cutter IT Journal, Web 2.0 Journal, etc.) and has given presentations at many conferences, such as the Web 2.0 Expo, Office 2.0 Conference, PMI events and more.

To learn more about Andrew's ideas and project management practices, you can subscribe to his Project Management 2.0 blog and check out these interviews:

I think it's obvious from Wrike's design that the system engineers all have project management experience. It's seems like they took our feature wish list and built a service around it." - Aaron Anderson, account strategy manager, 3rd Wave Research.

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