Learn why 20,000+ companies opted for Wrike over Trello.

It’s natural to outgrow a tool like Trello. See for yourself why millions of people trust Wrike for their 21st-century work.


Wrike has a treasure box of work management tools

Comparison of Wrike and Asana toolsComparison of Wrike and Asana tools

Wrike is infinitely more powerful — learn how

Wrike is the smarter choice, in every way

Better organization

Wrike’s platform includes proven project management workflows. Organize and progress your work through Spaces, folders, projects, and tasks or customize these elements with custom item types.

Cutting-edge customization

Stop settling for cookie-cutter Kanban boards. Wrike’s versatile software is highly configurable and completely customizable, supporting hundreds of use cases and different ways of working.

Exceptionally scalable software

Still using simple tools like Trello? If you plan to scale, you need a next-generation project management platform. Empower your team with complex capabilities that grow with your organization.

AI-powered solutions

Wrike's pioneering Work Intelligence™ technology cuts out routine tasks and accelerates delivery with personalized prioritization lists, real-time risk prediction, and smart search functionality.

Top-level communication

Wrike makes it easy to communicate and collaborate across functions, departments, and locations. Create shared Spaces, tag colleagues, give 360° visibility, and make silos a thing of the past.

Gold-standard security

Are you willing to risk the security of your boards? You can trust Wrike’s exceptionally secure platform, with double encryption, locked spaces, and a GDPR-compliant data center in the EU.

<p><span>Wrike vs.  Trello</span><br></p>


Wrike vs.  Trello

Frustrated by limited tools? Wrike is the solution.

With Wrike, you can visualize your work at a glance — but also enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and cut time-consuming admin by 10%.

The top choice for industry experts, year after year

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“Our Marketing department had previously been using Trello, which is lacking in reporting and project analytics. It was difficult for management to get a bird's-eye view of what was happening.”

Ben Beachy, Marketing Project Manager, Hope International
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“Wrike is hands down the winner over online project management tools like Asana or Trello with its ability to tag, create custom calendars, and create custom reports.”

Verified User
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“If you are looking for a TRUE project management platform for larger enterprise businesses, Wrike is it!... It far exceeds what we had with Asana, Trello, or other software.”

Verified User

Powerful features to help every type of team excel

Modern teams need software that offers more than colorful Kanban boards. Wrike helps you collaborate, accelerate, and succeed.
<p><span>Keep the tools you like in the platform you love</span></p>

The most secure work management solution

Keep the tools you like in the platform you love

You can trust Wrike’s industry-beating security. Make sure your data is safe with double encryption, selective sharing, and multiple privacy certifications. Wrike even has a fully-compliant EU data center for extra protection.

<p><span>Cut emails by 90% — forever</span><br></p>

Cut emails by 90% — forever

Doesn't your team deserve better? The future of workflow management software is Wrike. Try for free with a 14-day trial.

<p><span>Cut emails by 90% — forever</span><br></p>