Discover Why 2.3m People Prefer Wrike Over ClickUp

Wrike’s powerful work management software is more usable, scaleable, and functional than ClickUp. Full stop.


Wrike has so much more to offer

Wrike has more powerful and more functional features

What makes Wrike different

Better scalability

At Wrike, we’ll never compromise usability as your operation grows. Rest assured, no matter how much data you add to Wrike, you won’t experience bugs.

Cross-functional collaboration 

Wrike’s features power team communication as well as cross-departmental work. Unlike ClickUp, where users may struggle to manage complex projects, Wrike is designed to maximize communication.

Unrivaled customization

Teams want to work the way that suits them, instead of adapting to a clunky interface. That’s why Wrike’s highly configurable platform supports hundreds of use cases and multiple ways of working.

AI powered solutions

Wrike leverages AI to assess project risk, suggest tasks, and make your searches more effective. Wrike looks at start and end dates, task progress, and team workloads to make recommendations.

400+ integrations

Wrike comes with over 400 out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular applications, delivering advanced integration across your tech stack.

Multilingual customer support

At Wrike, we know global teams need global solutions. That’s why Wrike support is available for all plan levels and localized in 14+ languages, through chat, email and telephone.

<p><span>Wrike vs. ClickUp</span><br></p>


Wrike vs. ClickUp

Compared with Wrike, ClickUp doesn’t measure up. Wrike is the only work management software option that balances a wide range of features with usability, scalability and configurability across all teams, users and work types. 

Why our customers love us

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The right features for every team

Wrike has features designed to make the job easier for every team.

<p><span>Wrike offers 4x the integrations</span></p>

Wrike offers 4x the integrations

Did you know Wrike offers over 400 out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular applications? ClickUp just offers 50. Wrike Integrate offers an advanced level of integrations to your tech stack, saving you time and energy.

<p><span>Are you ready to automate over 100 tasks per project?</span><br></p>

Are you ready to automate over 100 tasks per project?

Then skip ClickUp. Wrike delivers the most powerful work management software on the market.

<p><span>Are you ready to automate over 100 tasks per project?</span><br></p>