So you’ve embraced the power of collaborative work management. You’ve improved your processes and workflows, and your team is now facing 2021 with enhanced collaborative mojo and a stunning digital workspace. 

At least, that’s what we hope. 

However, we also know that adopting a new platform is only the starting point of making that technology indispensable to how you work. Your work management space and processes are only as good as the time, energy, and work you put into them, and the resources, support, and guidance you get from us. 

This year is all about pushing you and your colleagues to be faster, more collaborative, and increase productivity in a continually evolving work environment. That’s why we’re offering training sessions to support your team to become more Agile, empower project management excellence, and get your colleagues on board with Wrike. 

Our upcoming live training sessions include: 

Our live training sessions include four to eight hours of practical and personalized advice from a Wrike Expert. We have limited seats for each training so you can get individualized support and guidance.  Let’s look at what you can expect from our exclusive live training workshops. 

“Agile + Wrike: Are You Doing It Wrike?”

Agile is a popular methodology of working and allows teams to be fluid when planning projects. Instead of adopting a linear approach to project management, work is organized based on priority and capacity and can change and adapt based on needs and changing market conditions. 

On the surface, Agile sounds like the perfect way to deliver outstanding results in chaotic environments, but adopting Agile is easier said than done. If you want to adopt more Agile processes through Wrike, enhance your existing workflows, or encourage colleagues to adopt this way of working, this is the training session for you. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to manage work chaos using Agile and maintain the necessary work velocity while focusing on collaboration and rapid iteration. You’ll gain insight into how others use Wrike and Agile with use cases and best practices related to marketing, development, and IT teams. 

By the end of this training, you'll: 

  • Understand the Agile methodology and its benefits.
  • Be able to build Agile projects in Wrike.
  • Effectively manage meetings, run sprints, and automate workflows to drive projects forward.
  • Report on work using Wrike dashboards and reports that support your Agile workflow.

This training costs $299, includes personalized training and support from a Wrike Expert, and is available to existing Wrike customers of 3+ months or those who have completed the beginner training course in Wrike Discover


“Get It Wrike, Project Managers”

Wrike was built to manage projects and tasks, so it’s no wonder project managers are a core focus of everything we do. This two-day live training course is for those who want to use Wrike for project and portfolio management as effectively as possible. 

If you need to capture, kick off, manage, or track work progress in Wrike and have repeatable work, this training will give you the tools you need to achieve project management excellence. You’ll learn how to take your workspace to the next level with Spaces and permissions, dive deep into automating work, and enhance your team's visibility with advanced dashboards and reporting. 

By the end of this training, you'll know how to:

  • Standardize how you receive work requests.
  • Run projects using work management best practices.
  • Manage your entire project portfolio effectively.
  • Report on how work is progressing. 

This training costs $499, includes personalized training and support from a Wrike Expert, and is available to Wrike customers of 6+ months or those who have completed beginner and individual learning plans on Wrike Discover. Ideally, attendees will also have access to a mature Wrike account with data available for reporting purposes.


“User Adoption Strategies for Wrike Champions”

You may have in-depth knowledge and experience of Wrike, and you can see its potential to transform teamwork. However, broad user adoption is a consistent blocker for many leaders and managers looking to streamline their team’s digital workspace and workflows. 

This course is for Wrike admins, decision-makers, and early Wrike adopters responsible for ensuring new users adopt Wrike. We’ll explore change management philosophies, standard operating procedures, and more to help you successfully understand and manage Wrike usage for your team. 

During this training, you'll build out the foundational best practice resources that Wrike Champions should leverage in your actual Wrike account. You’ll also apply change management best practices to ensure increasing knowledge of Wrike and team-wide adoption.

By the end of this training, you'll know how to:

  • Understand the pulse of each Wrike user in your account.
  • Leverage request forms to identify possible adoption blockers.
  • Customize training based on user needs and identified blockers.
  • Create a Wrike knowledge base with SOPs to provide up-to-date resources for users.
  • Set up a strategy for ongoing change management and enablement. 

This training costs $299, and includes personalized training and support from a Wrike Expert. Attendees must be a Wrike administrator or Wrike Space administrator. We recommend that attendees have also completed the champion learning plan in Wrike Discover


Why should I sign up? 

Our live training workshops are created to empower the Wrike community to get the most out of collaborative work management and stand by our promise to transform workflows and processes with best practices, use cases, and implementation. Our live training sessions are: 

  • Led by a Wrike and work management expert.
  • Focused on real-time application and practice.
  • Live so that we can answer your questions.

Before you signed up to Wrike, we made promises to help you do the best work of your life. Our webinars, resources, professional services, and interactive training exist so that you and your team can achieve excellence in how you work and deliver projects. Let us support you to continue to achieve results with Wrike.