Please note: As of October 26, 2023, the Marketing Insights add-on is no longer available to new customers. Don’t worry, our award-winning software still offers robust support for marketing teams to measure and report on performance data. Check out our pricing page or contact our sales team for more information.

We aren’t here to claim that marketing is akin to rocket science. Or neurosurgery, or any other vocation that requires doctorates in order to get a foot in the door. But we know marketing intimately, and we know that ultimately, to succeed as a marketing organization, you need to demonstrate brand authority, drive market leadership, and maximize ROI — all while staying operationally efficient. It’s fast-paced and requires the juggling of moving parts in multiple complex projects. Without robust marketing departments that can deliver great work, companies fail. 

We also know that in this current uncertain economy, marketing departments all over the world are being asked to do more with less. They’re feeling the financial pinch of shrinking budgets faster than other departments, and they need a solution that can help them deliver incredible campaigns more quickly, plan and assess at a high level, and continuously prove their marketing ROI to stakeholders. 

Wrike Lightspeed is the platform of choice for marketers, making all of these marketing goals and priorities a reality. Because some marketing teams are focused on content creation and others on the more analytical or process aspects of marketing, they each need a pretty diverse set of features for tracking their work and initiatives.

Wrike Lightspeed for Marketers allows teams within the same organization to connect their work while maintaining their own specific workflows, statuses, and details. It’s endlessly customizable and scalable, so it can be used for any level of work complexity and any size team or company. Or you can keep it very simple. It’s up to you! Wrike Lightspeed is delightfully easy to use and actually makes a marketer’s day-to-day work life easier, simpler, and smoother. 

When we designed Wrike Lightspeed, we looked at it from the perspective of several key marketing aspects to make sure it was as powerful as possible and truly delivered a fully optimized marketing process management solution.

Here’s how Wrike Lightspeed streamlines these four marketing functions from start to finish:

1. Creative and brand asset production

Marketing can’t function without content, including visuals and copy, but creative departments are notoriously overwhelmed with the sheer volume of requests for their time and talent. With needs flying in from all directions, creative departments can easily get bogged down trying to figure out what is the top priority and feel like they have more work than they can handle. 

Now add the downright annoying element of acquiring feedback from an ever-growing list of stakeholders, keeping track of the most up-to-date assets, and storing an entire campaign’s worth of images, videos, and designs. Creative teams often get sucked into the vortex of inefficient processes and endless admin. 

How Wrike Lightspeed solves these problems: 

Enter Wrike Lightspeed, which provides creative teams with the most user-friendly and easy-to-set-up request process on the market. Simply set up a form with fields that will funnel all the information your team needs to the right place and team. Let Wrike take care of the process — like automatically assigning tasks to the right people and populating them in all the right places with the information your team needs to hit the ground running. 

Now, let’s talk about the feedback loop. Doesn’t that make you cringe just thinking about it? When was the last time you had to chase down a stakeholder to review and approve your assets? With Wrike, you can get instant feedback on images, videos, and website pages right in your workspace. Attaching images to emails and waiting for vague suggestions like “Do you think that text could be a little lower?” or “Can you remove the dog three in from the left?” makes stakeholders delay approvals, especially if they are on the go and can’t open other applications.

Here’s what Wrike lets you do: share images, videos, and HTML files with anyone who has access to your Wrike space, ask for feedback, and get it right on the image. That’s right, your team can simply click on an image or video, and a little box pops up where they can write their comment. You can respond to their comment there or resolve it once you’ve made the adjustment. All in one place. 

In fact, Wrike Lightspeed works so seamlessly with Adobe CC, you can cut out the cumbersome downloading and uploading and just focus on your creative work and stay in your workspace while the updates auto-populate in Wrike! Handy, isn’t it? 

Wrike Lightspeed’s approval process is just as smooth — and can significantly cut down on the amount of time you spend following up with stakeholders. Even storing assets is better with Wrike. Keep all your assets in a single place where anyone can find them immediately, in the right format. Maybe you want to access visuals for a website, landing page, or email or just send a file directly to a customer — whatever it is, our DAM integrations let you do it all instantly. Just upload your asset once and be confident that your stakeholders have the most up-to-date, on-brand file. 

2. Project and resource management

When you’re looking to do more with less, project and resource management is critical. But efficient and effective processes can be hard to design, put into practice, and maintain. 

Many project, process, and resource managers have a tough time wrangling the various departments and teams they need to move work forward, and tasks end up in a last-minute scramble. Managers don’t have clear visibility into team members’ workloads, and projects are delayed because of resource shortages they can’t even see, let alone fix. 

How Wrike Lightspeed solves these problems: 

So here’s what Wrike Lightspeed does for process, project, and resource managers to help them maximize their team’s time, energy, and budgets. Wrike gives unrivaled visibility across projects and teams, no matter where they’re located. At a glance, project managers can see which team members are overloaded and which have extra capacity. With just a click and drag, managers can move tasks from one team member to another, avoiding bottlenecks that hold up projects. 

Wrike Lightspeed also allows project managers to easily set up processes to optimize the output of their teams. Wrike’s custom dashboards are perfect for project and process managers because they are fully adjustable based on that team’s ways of working — not the other way around. Where there are repeatable processes, Wrike Lightspeed does the lion’s share of the work with intuitive automation. 

3. Event and campaign management 

Between planning, organizing, and delivering events and campaigns, these managers have a lot on their plates. But what’s more, they really need to be able to show that their events are driving leads, getting attendees in the door, and converting them into customers. Between those mammoth tasks, event and campaign managers can really struggle to both produce and demonstrate the value of their work. 

Event and campaign managers need to bring their projects from planning all the way through to delivery and analyze data that will help them improve events in the future and inform stakeholders of their contribution to the overall ROI.

How Wrike Lightspeed solves these problems: 

Wrike Lightspeed has the most robust and flexible Gantt charts on the market, breaking down even the most complex event plans into simple steps that can be assigned to team members with a couple of clicks. Need to make an adjustment for a deadline? Just move a single task, and the rest of the dependencies will auto-adjust. 

Synced calendars keep team members on the same page without the need for constant check-ins. 

Meanwhile, our Marketing Insights feature will give event and campaign managers a real-time, data-driven picture of their event’s successes and weaknesses and show where there’s room for improvement. Digital campaign channels often have unique performance indicators, which require BI or data analysts to interpret. Wrike Marketing Insights transforms this complex data into simplified insights that all marketers and executives can understand — you don’t even have to leave Wrike to find the data you need. 

4. Digital marketing and demand generation

Digital marketers and demand generation experts work in a world of numbers, focusing on dollars in and dollars out. Marketing data helps them with strategic decisions about where to use their resources as well as prove their department’s value to the company’s bottom line. But those numbers are often found in a variety of platforms, and analyzing them in a way that can assist decision-making and help stakeholders understand can be almost impossible. 

Moreover, because of privacy laws, digital marketing teams use even more platforms in more geographies, and comparing data from different platforms can be an exercise in comparing apples to oranges. 

How Wrike Lightspeed solves these problems: 

Wrike Lightspeed has entered the chat — and made life for digital marketers and demand generation teams so much simpler. We’ll start with Marketing Insights. This advanced analytics feature takes all those numbers from tens of platforms and hundreds of campaigns and instantly makes sense of them all in one place: Wrike. And we really do mean instantly — Wrike Marketing Insights gives real-time data across multiple applications so you can show stakeholders the most up-to-date information available. 

And because demand generation and digital marketing require added security, we’ve got that covered, too. Wrike Lightspeed offers end-to-end encryption and data privacy with data masking, locked spaces, two-factor authentication, and Single Sign-on (SSO), making your marketing operation as secure as possible. 

Wrike Lightspeed is the only platform of choice for marketers, whether you’re heading up the demand gen team, creating design materials, or launching an event. Streamline and automate your processes, evaluate your data, and get the visibility you need to make directionally correct decisions and excel as a marketer — all thanks to Wrike Lightspeed for Marketers. 

Don’t let your competition catch up with you — move ahead with Wrike Lightspeed. Sign up for a free two-week trial and get to work right away.