When we sat down to chat with our colleagues here at Wrike, we learned that they’re using AI tools in a wide range of inspiring ways to make their work lives smoother, generate creative ideas, and enrich their home lives with hobbies. That’s the focus of our new series, and you can read the first part here

We all have work tasks that suck up time or take far longer than we wish they would, and most of us have more work than we can accomplish in our workdays. For some of our fellow Wrikers, that’s where generative AI comes in.

This week, we’re learning how Wrike employees use AI tools to free up time in their workdays that used to get eaten up with tedious tasks. From creating detailed customer-centric call sheets to writing hundreds of tailored emails, here’s how Wrikers are using AI tools to tackle administrative tasks so they can focus on the projects and tasks they really enjoy — and that move our business forward.

How Wrikers bolster productivity with AI

Asya Popova, Senior Technical Support Engineer at Wrike, has completely integrated AI-based tools into her daily workflow, especially for managing tasks that require similar details every time. “When scheduling a call with a customer, several things need to be collected and organized — the time of the call, the time zone, a summary of the conversation, notes on what has already been checked and done, and a clear goal for the call,” Asya explained. 

In a major time-saving move, Asya now uses ChatGPT to generate perfectly formatted call sheets.

asya popova quote

When she needs to escalate issues to Wrike’s advanced support team, Asya uses ChatGPT as well. “There are certain components that belong to the escalation process, and gen AI helps me summarize and compile the data effectively,” she said. “It ensures all the necessary information is included, making the escalation process smoother, more efficient, and faster.” Overall, AI tools allow Asya to process larger volumes of data with fewer resources, automating and streamlining tasks that previously required time-consuming manual work. 

Demo Engineering Team Lead Brendan Lynch’s team relies heavily on Wrike’s blueprints to create identical structures for demo projects. “They make it easy for us to quickly create several demo projects in just a couple clicks,” he says. But his team won’t stop there. “In real life, initiatives often have a few ad-hoc tasks here and there, and project structures evolve over time,” he explains: “I’m really excited for the Wrike copilot, which will automatically create real-life project plans for us.” 

Product Architect Vladimir Ivanov uses AI tools to structure documents and improve communication with developers.

vladimir ivanov quote

“Sometimes I have to write a prototype to validate my architecture or communicate it better to developers and AI helps me to write those prototypes, drastically reducing time spent and helping me work with unknown languages and technologies,” he said. 

Vladimir also said he uses AI to improve presentations. “AI provides suggestions on information order, focus areas, and visualizations,” he said, effectively using AI as a discussion partner now that he has practiced how to ask the right questions. 

“I write many documents covering the architecture of different product parts, and AI assists me in structuring those documents to provide more clarity and value for the audience,” Vladimir explained. He effectively uses AI tools to build a more complete picture of the solutions he’s working on, reducing the risk of missing important aspects. Using AI to do better work? Here at Wrike, we love to see it. 

Meanwhile, Customer Success Manager Andrey Nikítin uses AI in areas he knows he can improve. “I don’t always make good notes during calls with customers, so it’s helpful that I can feed ChatGPT my Zoom transcripts and get a summary of topics discussed, decisions that’ve been made, and action items for all parties that were present on the call.” We’ve all been there, and this hack ensures Andrey doesn’t miss an action item that could have fallen through the cracks. 

Andrey also uses AI tools to perfect email texts and subject lines. “In my line of work, I sometimes write emails that will reach a few hundred accounts with a few thousand contacts,” he explained. “I can write a good email on my own, except it may take me hours to refine the message.” Once he writes an email draft, he uses ChatGPT to help with proofreading, paraphrasing, and even condensing large blocks of texts into emails short enough to capture the attention of even the busiest executives.

Streamlining workflows with inbuilt Wrike AI tools

Our Wrike teams also all have the benefit of getting to use all our inbuilt Wrike AI tools, and they save each and every one of us so much energy we used to spend on time-consuming tasks.

For instance, every task and comment can be improved with Wrike AI. All you have to do is highlight the text and click on the magic stars button, which will reveal a drop-down menu of AI prompts. You can give the AI tool directions on how you want it to edit the text in your task or comment, or you can take its suggestions to condense the text to a certain length, translate it into a different language, adjust the tone, correct spelling mistakes, or even write a short summary. In fact, you can paste the transcript of a call or a long swathe of text into a task and ask Wrike AI to summarize and create action items.

product screenshot of wrike gen ai on aqua background

My current favorite trick? Click on the prompt that offers to summarize comments in a long comment thread on a task. It instantly saves you the time you would’ve spent reading through tens or hundreds of comments! 

When I’m working quickly on a task and I don’t have the time to clean up typos and spelling mistakes, I just highlight the text, click the magic stars, and select Fix typos. Poof! Clean text I can share with my team — and extra minutes I can spend interviewing my colleagues for cool blog posts! 

If you’re ready to dig into the awesome ways Wrike can save you time and energy throughout your workday, start a free two-week trial. We guarantee it’s a game changer.