One of the top request of our Android users was making editing tasks easier on their mobile. In the latest release, we've improved task editing with the two powerful features: Live Editor and Offline mode. Now you can quickly update task description, add images, immediately track changes, and make notes even when you don't have Internet connection.

A completely rebuilt experience of editing tasks
We've considerably improved the experience of editing task descriptions, making it faster, smoother, and introducing some new capabilities:

- Task descriptions load faster and instantly display all changes
- They support Android Swipe keyboard so you can type faster
- Now you can add images, copy and paste text, edit rich text, create bullet points and check lists

Try it out now and you'll immediately notice the difference!

Work offline
Whether you're on a plane or just don't have an Internet connection you'll be able to access your tasks and get work done in offline mode. The new offline mode allows you to create new tasks, make edits, and add comments while you're offline and all changes will be automatically synced and uploaded when you get online.

Navigate faster with favorite folders
We've added another feature to Android app that is already familiar to you from the web. Now you can keep the folders you use the most often on top of the folder tree so you can get to your most important information faster.

More mobile improvements will be available very soon so stay tuned!