If you've read our high-level advice from CEOs on how to fight bad meetings... If you've run through our decision tree, "Should we have this meeting?"... And if you've decided, "Yes! This meeting is happening!", then here's the next part of your journey to holding the perfect meeting.

This infographic shares 9 actionable tips to make sure your meetings are efficient and run like a well-oiled machine. Check out this advice:

  1. Set a clear agenda ahead of time.
  2. Assign a meeting leader.
  3. Try going device-free! (Nothing's worse than people playing with their phones while you're talking.)
  4. Keep meetings between 4-7 people.
  5. Adopt the "Swiss Trains" approach. (Keep people on their toes with weird meeting times.)
  6. Save updates for emails. (Or keep them in Wrike!)
  7. Take the meeting outside.
  8. Keep meetings as short as possible.
  9. Use the last 10 minutes to recap. (Ask the question "Who should do What by When?")
Read the full infographic for more details:
9 Ways to Make Sure You Run Effective Meetings (Infographic)Source: CT Business Travel

What do you do to make sure you run effective meetings?

 Share your advice with everyone in the comments below!

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