Resources are the backbone of every business. Businesses rely on their resources to achieve their goals and operate successfully. In the context of resource and project management, resources are the people, equipment, and money needed to complete a project

Inadequate resource management leads to stressed-out workers, which affects productivity and retention. According to our report on The Stress Epidemic, stress causes about 50% of workers to look for another job and 25% to quit their current jobs altogether. However, if businesses manage resources correctly, the opportunities for success are boundless. 

Have you ever been in the middle of a task or project when things suddenly just clicked, and the task seemed to complete itself with minimum effort? This state of deep work is called “flow” and was coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

When your team is “flowing,” they produce outstanding results, complete tasks with greater efficiency, and reach optimal performance. Alongside excellent performance, execution improves, and team morale inevitably skyrockets. 

Proper resource management makes optimal team performance possible; it also helps you plan future projects accurately and efficiently based on previous performance and utilization. Pairing resource management with the proper reporting tools to gather data and insights from previous projects gives you guidance for the future and allows you to improve continuously. 

Every project needs resources to produce deliverables and achieve project goals. This eBook refers to resources as the people on a project team. We’ll go through everything you need to get started on your journey to better resource management and the fundamental tools you need to fully leverage resources at your organization. 

The guide covers:

  • A definitive guide to resource management 
  • A simple pathway to establishing new resource management practices
  • The essential tools you need to optimize resource management at your organization 

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“Scale Your Resource Management With Collaborative Work Management” is for managers, team leads, project managers, and PMOs of any industry and company size looking to revolutionize resource management for their organization.

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