According to our Professional Services Market Global Report, the professional services industry is forecasted to grow 5.4% by 2020, reaching almost $5 trillion.

As the industry grows, so do the challenges professional services teams face trying to balance work management for internal and external teams. As more competition enters the playing field, questions emerge — How do you differentiate your business in order to retain and attract clients? How can you build sustainable processes to grow your business while remaining agile to client requests?

We surveyed over 1,000 professional services folks to learn more about the top challenges around client retention, resource management, collaboration, technology, project processes, and more.

The key insights we share in our full survey report and in the infographic below will help you benchmark your competitive standing and develop strategies to help you rise above the fold.

Download the full ebook now! From Process to Automation: The Professional Services Work Management Benchmark Report

How Professional Services Teams are Breaking the Customer Churn Cycle Infographic 2

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