Please note: As of October 26, 2023, the Marketing Insights add-on is no longer available to new customers. Don’t worry, our award-winning software still offers robust support for marketing teams to measure and report on performance data. Check out our pricing page or contact our sales team for more information.

Following an era of “growth at all costs,” many organizations are pulling back due to the uncertain economic climate, and efficiency is now the name of the game. 

In an effort to improve efficiency, marketing teams are tightening their budgets and focusing on campaigns that produce maximum results. Delivering value to customers and stakeholders is more important than ever, and having real-time, end-to-end visibility into campaign performance is crucial for marketing success. 

To achieve this, teams must efficiently execute impactful multi-channel campaigns and measure their outcomes. Easily digestible data is essential for understanding and sharing marketing impact with stakeholders. However, limited visibility across campaigns and channels makes this challenging. Different teams often manage channels and produce separate reports, resulting in time wasted consolidating resources and findings.

This is where Wrike comes in, offering unparalleled support as a comprehensive work management platform for marketing and creative teams.

The need for a single source of truth

The pressure is on for marketing teams to prove their strategies are driving results, despite having fewer resources to execute work. Identifying and implementing impactful campaigns across multiple channels and measuring success is a challenge if you don’t have real-time visibility across every project and campaign. And what’s hampering that visibility? Too many disconnected apps. 

As a result of remote and hybrid work, organizations deployed more applications to support disparate teams, and marketers now use 15 apps on average each day to complete work. Because of this surge in applications, employees and heads of departments find it increasingly difficult to understand exactly what work is underway and its progress; what has been completed; and how that work relates to, supports, or even counteracts strategic initiatives and company goals. The result is the Dark Matter of Work. Just as CERN identified Dark Matter as the “invisible” content that makes up 95% of the mass of the universe, the Dark Matter of Work represents activity and information that we can’t immediately see but that has a powerful influence on everything around it. 

Dark Matter exists in texts, apps, video calls, spreadsheets, and conversations, and has a gravitational mass that can easily pull business and projects in the wrong direction. Most business function leaders only have visibility into 55% of the work taking place within their departments. And only 37% of business leaders understand how their teams are performing against goals and objectives.

Marketers need an integrated platform to easily access and present performance metrics and communicate impact more meaningfully. This is where Wrike excels. 

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Introducing improved Wrike Marketing Insights: The game changer for marketing teams

Wrike is the only work management solution empowering marketers to optimize cross-channel ROI and ad spend to connect end-to-end processes and bring together campaign management, asset production, and performance insights into a single platform, allowing marketing teams to move at the speed of digital. 

new and improved Wrike Marketing Insights

With Wrike Marketing Insights, marketers can integrate 15 popular digital tools across advertising, social media, and marketing automation and watch their data roll in, automatically giving them 360-degree visibility into full-funnel performance insights. That way, teams can easily identify high-performing initiatives while flagging those that underperform and pivot as needed within their workflow for optimization. Wrike Marketing Insights also provides instant access to project status, campaign performance, and resource investments. By opening metrics up to all and breaking down team silos, Wrike increases operational efficiencies across the entire organization and allows marketing teams to move much faster and more successfully. 

updated Wrike Marketing Insights dashboard

Here are just a few ways marketing teams can use Wrike Marketing Insights:

  • Creative: Wrike enables creative teams to work in a connected way in one centralized location. From asset creation, review, approval to publishing and tracking. Creative teams can see the return on assets and show the impact they make.
  • Digital: Campaigns that are integrated through various channels have many touch points and Wrike allows them to have the essential visibility and insights that they need to identify the impactful campaigns. With Wrike they can achieve full-funnel visibility into their performance and innovate as they go in an easy to use interface.
  • Marketing Ops/Project Management: Align all marketing teams and gain visibility into how efforts translate to campaign success metrics. Wrike allows them to focus on initiatives that drive the most impact and quickly identify problem areas.
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Wrike’s a cut above the rest

The post-pandemic challenges in marketing demand a robust and comprehensive solution that enables teams to move at the speed of digital. Wrike provides the tools and platform for optimizing ad spend, managing resources effectively, and demonstrating marketing impact on a granular level. By unifying team efforts, maintaining transparency, and promoting more efficient collaboration, Wrike is the go-to platform for driving successful marketing campaigns in today’s uncertain times.