Wrike’s renowned work management conference is back, so get ready to experience a virtual event like no other. Collaborate 2021 will be even more informative and insightful than last year with speakers from the biggest global brands, industry expertise, and technical insights to help you and your organization unlock the full potential of your enterprise.

Remember the incredible speaker lineup last year? Apple, Nickelodeon, DISH, and Siemens were just some of the companies we heard from, and this year promises to be even bigger. We’re putting together a best-in-class virtual conference experience, and of course, we’ve got some great prizes, too. 

The 4th annual Wrike Collaborate conference is set for this October 19-21, and we’re excited to offer our customers and industry partners an unmissable free virtual event. Registration is open now. 

Moving “Forward Together” 

Last year’s conference theme — “Work As One” — offered attendees ways to break down the silos within their organizations and learn how to leverage Wrike to build unified and truly Agile enterprises in a remote environment. 

This year, our theme is “Forward Together.” After a difficult year, we’re focusing on the positive impact that the pandemic has had on workplace dynamics, specifically embracing flexibility and the importance of work-life balance. 

We’re all working hard to build new strategies and find the right solutions to power the hybrid workplace. An organization’s ability to succeed depends on how well they support, empower, and connect employees to work collaboratively from anywhere. 

But how do you leverage the right technology to elevate your employees out of the repetitive, manual tasks to focus on meaningful work that will drive the business forward? How can you ensure you’re adapting to employee needs, as opposed to the other way around? How do you enable them to do the best work of their lives no matter where they’re located? We’re looking forward to exploring these questions in depth at Collaborate 2021 as we support teams to optimize their digital workspace to make work a better experience for everyone. 

Why attend Collaborate 2021? 

At this year’s conference, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to conquer common workplace challenges, including working remotely and in hybrid work environments. 
  • Explore how to optimize processes to enhance productivity, transparency, and collaboration. 
  • Hear from industry leaders on how they’ve helped their teams achieve hyper-growth goals despite workplace challenges. 
  • Attend sessions with industry luminaries to explore real-world, practical strategies for your business.

What can you expect at Collaborate 2021? 

Collaborate 2021 will explore the big topics surrounding collaborative work management in a hybrid world, with an agenda that covers:

  • Technical and executive presentations from the world’s foremost experts on the future of work. 
  • Breakout sessions focused on the strategies and use cases that will enable teams to thrive in 2021 and beyond.
  • Partner-led sessions dedicated to helping you get more from the collaborative work management ecosystem.

Last year we had more than 5,000 people sign up for the event, and this year we plan on doubling that, so make sure you sign up today. Register for collaborate 2021