There are hundreds of tools on the market that help teams launch, monitor, and track marketing activities. You may argue that marketing teams need all of them to compete in an evolving, fast-paced market. If you’re a marketer, you probably have dozens of tabs, tools, and platforms open right now to get work done. Similarly, if you’re a marketing manager, director, or CMO, you’re likely awash in tools, dashboards, and reports intended to track progress and performance. 

Enterprises are willing to invest in as many channels and tools as they think necessary to achieve results. Unfortunately, this get-it-all approach creates more issues than it solves, especially for those teams, like marketing, that need “an agile digital channel strategy.” Unlike other departments and functions within the enterprise, marketing teams need platforms and tools to execute work rapidly and also track their activity. 

An oversaturation of online tools can slow down efforts and leave teams unable to operate with the speed and agility necessary to compete. Marketing teams need a single system of record that consolidates the martech stack, streamlines bloated processes into manageable go-to-market workflows, and creates a central repository for information, including performance analytics and data. 

Collaborative work management (CWM) solutions centralize all aspects of work to increase productivity, visibility, and collaboration. A CWM tool supports marketing teams to consolidate data, workflows, and processes into one manageable platform. Imagine a single digital workspace that manages the entire marketing ecosystem from work intake and planning to performance data and reports. 

Let’s take a look at the life cycle of marketing campaigns and how you can utilize a collaborative work management platform to strip away excess tools and processes to create a lean marketing operation that moves at the speed of digital. 

Collaborative Work Management- The Ultimate End-to-End Marketing Solution 2 Collaborative Work Management- The Ultimate End-to-End Marketing Solution 3Collaborative Work Management- The Ultimate End-to-End Marketing Solution 4

A solution for every aspect of your campaign

Marketing teams need a single platform to harness and simplify marketing execution and delivery. Collaborative work management is the solution for marketing teams looking to minimize their technology stack, simplify their go-to-market strategy, and consolidate work into one dynamic digital workspace. 

Managing complex processes, tools, channels, and results in one space allows you and your teams to improve campaign delivery time, produce relevant and timely campaigns, and focus on driving results. When considering a collaborative work management tool, make sure your platform specializes in the marketing lifecycle and covers all aspects of activity from planning and work intake to campaign performance and ROI. 

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