Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup, where we gather and show off our collected news articles from around the world wide web — as if they were newly-hatched Pokemon. But seriously, we lead off with articles on excellent employees, and the kind of corporate culture that nurtures this type of excellence. Read on!

8 Signs an Employee Is Exceptional (Which Never Appear on Performance Evaluations) (Inc): These 8 descriptors of an exceptional worker are spot-on. Exceptional employees embody excellence — in performance, in communication, and in tact. Managers, this is how you separate the good from the great.

The One Thing That Matters More Than Perks to Attract the Best Talent (Fortune):
You already know what that one thing is: culture. Perks are the tip of the iceberg and can be matched. But focusing on culture helps you develop the right motivations in your team: ownership, mastery, autonomy, self-improvement. All the stuff that propels a company from good to freakin' fantastic.

How Can Mid-Level Managers Effectively Motivate, Lead and Inspire Their Teams in a Toxic Corporate Culture? (Quora): And speaking of culture, here's a Quora answer to a situation I would never wish on my worst enemies (not that I have any). The takeaway: you can change the culture, because your actions are the culture.

Free eBook: 5 Strategies for Forming Team Productivity Habits (Wrike): Building new habits isn’t easy — but these 5 strategies will get your team to try out a few tactics that will make a difference.

You Have to Embarrass Yourself Into Committing (Medium): Get out of stealth mode and tell everyone about that creative project you started. Because telling people makes you accountable and helps you commit to seeing it through. Instant life hack.

The Scientific Reason Why Coworking May Be The Future Of Work (Fast Company): Coworking encourages employees to interact and collaborate more. Why? Because it provides workers with the flexibility and autonomy to work where and how they please—without taking away the sense of community that we all need as social animals.

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