Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup where we bring you the week's best reads in business, work, productivity, and management. This week, we take a look at startup hiring and how the search for the best is fraught with the best intentions but because we use the same old playbook, we often overlook more obvious ways to find the best, most creative talents. Plus we have tips on pitching to investors, and strategies for being more creative. Read on!

We Hire the Best, Just Like Everyone Else (Coding Horror): Interesting opinion piece by Jeff Atwood on how all startups say they're hiring the best and yet, statistically speaking, 80% of those startups will likely fail... so how do you measure "the best?" And how do you ensure you don't turn away people just because of hidden biases? Perhaps the objective should be: hire the nuttiest risk junkie adrenaline addicted has-ideas-so-crazy-they-will-never-work people no matter where they are in the world?

You Must Chill! 4 Ways to Keep 'Social Road Rage' Out of the Workplace (Entrepreneur): If you've ever argued about politics on Facebook, then you know what "social road rage" is. But how do you keep this type of incendiary misunderstandings from happening at work? Here are 4 tips for communicating and especially delivering feedback online.

Creative People Say No (Medium): A Hungarian psychology professor once invited 275 creative people to be interviewed for a book he was writing. And a full third of them said "No" -- often with the best responses possible. The truth is, we have to say No to some things in order to stay creative for our real priorities.

Tips for Producing the Best Investor Pitch (Tech.co): Here are three major tips for when you're ready to pitch your company to investors — based on what top VCs and successful entrepreneurs advise other young companies.

If you want your team to work at velocity, then Andrew Schrage, CEO & Co-owner of Money Crashers suggests: “Clearly designate who is responsible for each segment of your project. Your staff needs to know exactly who is in charge of what, regarding the project in question. That way, they’ll know who to go to for help and who to follow up with as they move towards project completion.” #wrike Copy and paste the URL into your browser to read more tips for teamwork in the full blog post:------->>>>>>> http://bit.ly/18TeamTips

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