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Quarterly Business Review Template

Ensure your quarterly business review (QBR) meetings are effective by organizing and communicating work highlights with the QBR template from Wrike.
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Showcase your team’s progress

When it’s time to conduct a quarterly business review, tracking your team’s progress is the main goal. Our QBR template allows you to assess and review developments and present them to key stakeholders. 

Do you struggle with these activities?

  • Showcasing progress for regular team reviews
  • Organizing the task creation process
  • Tracking requested actions

Eliminate these obstacles with Wrike’s QBR template.

  • Use the QBR agenda template to ensure all essential topics relevant to meeting attendees are covered 
  • Share your QBR template ahead of the meeting to allow stakeholders make informed decisions more quickly 
  • Detail tasks that result from the QBR in your template and assign accountability to each one 

Why you need this QBR template

<h5>Collate important details</h5>
Collate important details

Is your work scattered in various locations? Meetings can be disorganized if you don’t have the relevant information at your fingertips. Use our QBR agenda template to ensure nothing is missed. Keep information in a single location, so progress can easily be shown to stakeholders.

<h5>Summarize objectives</h5>
Summarize objectives

This QBR template makes it easy to visualize where work has been successful and where things might not have performed as intended. By collating previous and current data, you can assess where necessary changes could be made and which objectives can be updated.

<h5>Identify potential risks</h5>
Identify potential risks

A major benefit of QBR templates is helping teams visualize why something might have gone wrong previously and what could go wrong in the future. Keep minutes from your last QBR meeting in your current template to note any patterns and identify potential risks that could be avoided.

<p>Maximize your quarterly touchpoint</p>

Maximize your quarterly touchpoint

<p>Maximize your quarterly touchpoint</p>

How to use the quarterly business review template in Wrike

Struggling with chaotic quarterly meetings? The QBR template in Wrike helps your team get the most out of meetings by creating a single location to store agenda items, view actionable follow-up tasks, and share progress with stakeholders. 

Wrike’s QBR template is simple to use. This template has three clear steps to get you started. 

Step 1: Set the meeting agenda

Start by setting your QBR meeting agenda, including tasks that have been completed or are in progress. Link documents and files to these tasks to show stakeholders the effort your team put in and the results you achieved. 

Step 2: Create actionable tasks

During your QBR meeting, you can quickly and easily create actionable tasks and assign them to team members, so no agenda item gets overlooked or neglected until the next QBR. Delineate tasks by department or topic so stakeholders can keep tabs on them, and use the pre-built workflow to move tasks forward.

Step 3: Monitor progress

Once the QBR has taken place, monitor the progress of your action items with a variety of different customizable views, including dashboards, calendars, and Gantt charts. Keep track of each item to ensure it progresses before the next QBR meeting.

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<p>Supercharge your QBR meetings with Wrike</p>

Supercharge your QBR meetings with Wrike

<p>Supercharge your QBR meetings with Wrike</p>


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