Whether you manage projects, programs, portfolios, project management offices (PMOs), or centers of excellence, you want to do all you can to ensure your projects are successful. You need not only good, but great project governance, which encompasses all of the processes, activities, and checks and balances necessary to ensure successful projects, programs, and portfolios. 

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Industry-leading global professional organizations, numerous research studies, and the stats of millions of failed projects every year point to an indisputable fact: governance is the #1 critical success factor for projects, programs, and portfolios. Avoiding project failure comes down to establishing effective project governance — but how can your team get there? 

How to get to project governance success

Great project governance comes from asking the right questions to ensure best practices are followed. By asking these 20 questions, you will ensure you have the right foundational building blocks for project success.

Project governance success infographic

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