The web is an amazing resource for education, research, and discovery - if you know where (and how) to look. Of course, running a search on Google (or your favorite search engine) is one option for finding resources on project management or any other topic you’re exploring. But “page 1” of any search results page will show you links to pages housing content that search engine thinks is most relevant for your search - it may not be the best, newest or most interesting content out there.

Social media sites can provide a treasure trove of resources that are completely different from what you’ll find in the search engines. In fact, you’ll not only find different project management resources in social media, but you’ll be able to:
(1) explore them differently (e.g. visually, by “hashtag,” or in collections curated by others),
(2) see varied types of media (e.g. pictures, infographics, video),
(3) connect with the creators or the “curators” of the content, or
(4) find groups of people actively talking about specific topics or industries.

11 Ways to Find Project Management Resources in Social Media

See below for 11 ways to boost your marketing resource management in social media (or use these techniques to find information on just about any topic):

Pinterest is a great way to find visual content or even links to other types of content (blog posts, videos, etc.) One of my favorite ways to browse is by searching keywords and looking through boards, which are collections of content on a particular topic.


Quora is a question and answer site where you can discover interesting conversation threads or ask your own questions about project management.


Twitter is a constant stream of “tweets” on just about every topic imaginable. Hashtags are special tags that people place in their tweets to help with discovery. If you run a search on the hashtag #projectmanagement, you’ll find people tweeting about it and sharing resources related to project management.


LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn is a great resource for everything business - but sometimes it's hard to discover great content on a particular topic. One way to solve this issue is to join relevant groups where people congregate to talk about particular topics or industries.


So you thought Facebook was just for baby pictures and vacation shots! Not quite. You can find project management groups or pages devoted to project management there, too:


Google Plus has a lot of great business-related content. Posts are displayed in an easy-to-skim fashion and you can find companies or groups dedicated to your topic of interest.


We all love lists, don’t we? Well, listly has great lists of project management resources, tools, and websites.


Wikipedia is the famous and oft-quoted online encyclopedia completely created with user-generated content. It’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what is available to you on Wikipedia. One way to discover new content is to look at categories.


StumbleUpon is an interesting site that provides a great way to discover project management-related sites online.


Reddit is a popular social bookmarking site that covers a variety of topics - from the inane to the serious. It’s a mix of resources, reviews, and Q&As.


For online videos, YouTube is the undisputed leader. You can find video tutorials, tool reviews, and more.


Ready to get started?
With these different social media sites and approaches for discovering content, you should be well-armed to find project management resources or information on just about any topic.

What are your favorite ways to find new resources? Let us know in the comments.