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About Wrike

Wrike delivers a real-time platform that blends work management and collaboration, making day-to-day work easier, more transparent and efficient for thousands of companies.

When things are moving fast, it's a challenge to sync your work across different apps that you use on the web. It's hard to see who's doing what, which tasks were completed, etc. That's when we come to the rescue. Email, Google Apps, Dropbox, Box – Wrike is the smooth connective tissue between your tasks and these other popular platforms. We could go on and on telling you all of the great things Wrike can do, but we think this customer feedback says it all: "This software operates how I think - it's as if you went into my brain and knew exactly what I needed, and created the perfect program for today's information age."


  • Wrike team
  • Wrike team
We've built a market-leading product, made thousands of customers happy and continue our fast pace of innovation. We're proud of our success so far, but this is just the beginning of our exciting journey. We have a lot of great ideas on how to make businesses even more productive.
At Wrike, our fast and effective growth is possible because we hire the smartest people in the world and let them do what they're best at. Sound like your kind of work environment? Come work at Wrike! See where you fit in, below…
PR and Corporate Communications Specialist
Skills & requirements:
  • 3-5 years of agency and/or in-house tech PR experience, preferably with B-to-B (not mandatory)
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills (writing samples required)
  • Organized, attentive to detail, works well independently amid constant change
  • Strong media relations and pitching skills, with comprehensive knowledge of Valley tech/business media and bloggers
  • Help create and manage a thought leadership platform that is unified across media, speaking and contributed content
  • Keep analyst calendar up-to-date and manage briefing and inquiry scheduling.
  • Research ongoing speaking opportunities, update status, ensure applications are well-crafted, competitive and delivered on deadline; develop relationships with event organizers
  • Follow industry, technology and media trends around work management
  • Collaborate with content marketing team on overlapping projects
  • Collaborate with other departments across the organization to obtain necessary information and context required for communications strategies
  • Write and manage approvals on press releases, partner communications, product marketing reports, blogs, bylines and campaigns
Product Manager

At Wrike we believe that the best products win the market; so in this position you'll get to work with an engineering team that makes tech miracles happen.

Desired Skills & Experience:

We're pretty picky when it comes to product managers (well, any of our positions really). In order to meet the criteria for this position it's necessary, but not sufficient that:

  • You've owned and shipped cloud apps from concept to launch
  • You have a strong technical background and stay in the loop on the latest tech trends
  • Your critical thinking skills are off the chart
  • You know a bit about cognitive sciences, and a lot about UX
  • Based on your experience and acumen, if you wanted, you could get a job as a software developer, UX professional, customer service, or marketing professional (maybe at a junior role, but in all of the above listed titles, not just in one)
Culturally we look for people who:
  • Love what they do and get inner joy from launching great products and making the customers life easier
  • Keep learning constantly, no matter how advanced they are in their career
  • Ready to "earn" leadership in a meritocratic way
  • While creative, they pay attention to detail and use scientific method
  • Can communicate well with co-workers, customers, and business partners

We strongly prefer candidates who have good experience with one of the following: growth hacking, mobile, collaboration, or app integration platforms.

If you feel that the description above fits you, please, let us know. If you are a rising star, send us a good cover letter explaining how you fit and exceed our requirements. The more your launched products speak on your behalf, the shorter your letter can be - we are a meritocracy.

Product Marketing Manager

If you read Wrike reviews on Twitter, Quora or the Google Apps Marketplace, you'll see how much customers love Wrike. The exciting challenge facing our team is how to take this success and replicate it to millions of companies. Product marketing is one of the key roles in this journey, and hopefully, your brilliance and experience lives up to the challenge. In this role you'll get to work directly with our executives, as well as our (humbly) brilliant marketing, engineering, sales and customer success teams.

As part of your job you will:
  • Build a keen understanding of our customers, the market, status quo and the competition
  • Define segmentation, scenarios, buyer personas and value proposition and use that to build positioning, targeting, pricing and messaging
  • Work with the product engineering team to execute product decisions required to drive growth
  • Work closely with the sales organization on strategy (e.g. targeting) and support their execution to drive growth
  • Create and execute successful outbound marketing campaigns to generate leads
  • Create content to support all of the above including whitepapers, presentations, guides, product videos, customer success stories, blog posts, ebooks, infographics, webinars, banners, flyers, and more
  • Optimize non-paid acquisition costs and life-time value through strategy, tactics and "growth hacks"
  • Always validate your hypotheses through customer insights, data analysis and testing
  • Brief the media and analysts
Desired Skills & Experience:
  • Bachelors degree required, MBA or other graduate degree a plus
  • Experience with marketing and/or product management in well-known cloud collaboration solutions
  • Exceptional critical thinking, analytical and quantitative skills
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • You are excited to talk to customers
  • Relentless execution, combined with creativity
  • You constantly keep learning
  • Ready to "earn" leadership in a meritocratic way and work successfully with product engineering, sales, creative and marketing organizations
  • Knows inbound marketing - SEO, blogging, SMM, lead nurturing, scoring, email marketing
  • Successful experience of working with agencies and networks
  • Familiarity with both online and offline outreach channels

If you're the rare talent we're searching for, please, send a detailed cover letter which highlights your success in the areas outlined above. In general, we believe that results can speak better than words, so include numbers to showcase your growth and optimization skills, web-sites to showcase your positioning work, and links to show your content chops.

Content Marketing Manager

We help tens of thousands of people, teams and businesses around the world to be more productive. For us, it's a mission that goes beyond software; we're always looking out for the best project management and work practices, sifting through many books, research papers and customer insights. We are looking for a passionate copywriter to help us establish Wrike as a trusted source of information on project management and team productivity. Our customer acquisition and product teams would also benefit from a brilliant writer's help.

This position would have the following responsibilities:
  • Create content that will help millions of managers and teams become more efficient in their work
  • Conceptualize, write and edit blog posts, landing pages, ad copy, infographics, ebooks, webinar scripts, case studies, presentations, guides and product material
  • Work with marketing, creative and engineering teams inside of Wrike, as well as with customers and agencies outside
Desired Skills & Experience:
  • Bachelors degree
  • Can write eloquent and persuasive copy, and easily adapt the style to our goals & the audience
  • Established track record in creating sticky and shared content. Please provide us with links to your most effective works
  • Experience writing on topics relevant to a general business audience is preferred
  • Strong editing and proofreading skills
  • Intellectually curious; never stop reading and learning
  • Good feel for trends, and ability to turn ideas into compelling stories and copy
  • Be open-minded and receptive to feedback
Marketing Manager, Customer Acquisition

We run profitable multi-channel customer acquisition effort with seven digit annual budget and tens of thousands of paid trials. If you can help us scale it 10x, keep on reading.

  • Launch new and scale existing marketing channels
  • Come up with ideas, test them, measure results, optimize, scale. "Rinse and repeat"
  • Drive CAC down, CLTV up
  • Come up with "growth hacks" and innovative solutions to increase reach, activation, engagement and virality
  • Create content to support all of the above creation including whitepapers, presentations, guides, product videos, customer success stories, blog posts, ebooks, infographics, webinars, banners, flyers, and more
  • Managed $100K/month+ direct marketing budgets, generated positive return
  • Have your favorite tools and "playbook" that make you more effective than competitors
  • Data junkie with off the chart critical thinking, analytical and quantitative skills
  • Know ins and outs of inbound marketing and demand generation - SEO, SEM, display, email, content marketing, lead nurturing
  • Outperformed competitors running "similar" campaigns due to relentless execution, combined with creativity
  • Constantly keep learning
  • B2B background is preferred
  • Bachelors degree required

If you're that rare talent we're searching for, please, send a detailed cover letter which highlights your success in the areas outlined above. In general, we believe that results can speak better than words, so include numbers to showcase your growth and optimization skills, as well as links to show your creative chops.

Productivity Coach

Everyone wants to be fit, but only a few end up excersizing regularly, and oftentimes a good coach is behind the successful change of habits. In the business world, everyone wants to be more effective, but companies and people sometimes need "coach" to help them along on the journey…

In the world of Wrike, customers are looking to be more productive in their work and their success depends not only on us building a great product, but also on consulting/coaching them in the best way to use it. Many customers are implementing a project/work management tool for the first time, and others are coming from a traditional project management background and realizing it's time to move to the cloud. With Wrike as a collaboration and productivity tool ("project management for the masses") this is not just a position dealing only with technical project managers, but rather all sides of industry from business executives, to marketing, to engineering, to human resources, to manufacturing, and more.

The Productivity Coach at Wrike is a multi-faceted job working with individual customers who need training (online and in-person), as well as developing and promoting ways to reach customers at scale through teaching webinars on relevant topics, blog posts on best practices, public speaking engagements at industry conferences, and more. Your role is to create content that helps Wrike customers and broader audiences become more productive and successful, and deliver that content online as well as in person. It's a high-visibility position both internally and externally with our public facing corporate image. We're looking for star players - is that you?

Desired Skills & Experience:
  • Motivating and persuading others, when writing, speaking in person, and speaking in public
  • Passionate about personal productivity (GTD, "life hacks")
  • Knowledgeable in project management (Agile, PMI, Lean, etc)
  • Interested in helping businesses become great (reader of Jim Collins, Steve Blank and other business books)
  • Experience with driving behavioral change at large in businesses or non-profits

Please include links to your LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, authored articles, papers, videos, blog posts, or presentations on relevant topics.

Account Executive

As a member of our inside sales team, you are responsible for selling our software as a service and maximizing the revenue potential of trial accounts through initial sale and upsell. The customer base is diverse, from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies, so you have an opportunity to make a lot of small and quick sales, as well as navigate the sales process on big deals.

The successful candidate will follow up on qualified leads, uncover the primary technical and business needs, and communicate how Wrike can meet those needs and solve the prospects problems, handle objections, and close the deal. A lot of deals. You should be the top producer at your current job. In the next year we plan for our sales team headcount to grow by 5x! The sky's the limit and it depends on building the team with only the best candidates from top to bottom. If you think you've got what it takes for fast paced growth, flexibility to adapt to changes, and the smarts to be the best, then we want YOU.

Desired Skills & Experience:
  • Bachelors degree or comparable experience
  • Minimum 2 years inside sales experience handling full sales cycle selling software or similar services, beating the quota and being the top performer on the team
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Excellent organizational, time-management and prioritization skills
  • Strong Business acumen and curiosity about the prospects business
  • The ability to work both independently and within a team environment
  • Strong technical expertise (you like computers and actually care about what smartphone you have - none of this "can you fix it for me")
  • Outbound sales call experience
Customer Success Rockstar

"I really appreciate your comprehensive response. Thanks!"
"Thank you so much for this crazy fast response!"
"Thank you for your quick reply and your useful guidelines."

Above are just a few of the replies from customers to our support team in just the past week! There's no doubt about it - Wrike has awesome customer service. Our customers know it and love it. Some customers even write to tell us they've chosen Wrike over our competitors because our customer support is so good (now that's saying something!).

Do you have what it takes to be the best? At Wrike, "the best" means you have the education, professionalism, efficiency, and succinctness to respond to customers in any case. In some sense it's that simple! We don't copy/paste a bunch of formed responses, or have "standard" answers for deflecting customer questions/issues/bugs/etc. Instead, when a customer asks a question or has trouble, we help. And it's a rewarding job to have, when customers love being supported.

Desired Skills & Experience:
  • Bachelors degree
  • 1-2 years relevant work experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Strong technical expertise, software troubleshooting experience (MS Office is not a "computer skill")
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Knowledge of project management practices a plus (Agile, Scrum, Lean, etc)
  • Have used social media for customer communications
  • Sense of humor
Inside Sales Development Representative (SDR)
Your responsibilities:

The Inside Sales Development Representative (SDR) is responsible for generating leads against target market criteria using sites like LinkedIn/ZoomInfo/Jigsaw/etc, making outbound calls and emails, qualifying the leads, and working with Account Executives in moving those deals to close. Additionally, Wrike currently has about ~7,000 inbound new trial accounts every month and the SDR is responsible for handling inbound leads and discerning the quality/value of those leads for further qualification by the Sales team. You will also be running short webinar/screenshares to introduce new clients to Wrike before passing them to an Account Executive.

We're currently building our first team of SDRs and you could be part of it! It's an excellent opportunity to grow and hone your sales skills, ideal for a new or recent college grad. In the next year we plan for our sales team headcount to grow by 5x! The sky's the limit for professional growth and it depends on building the team with only the best candidates from top to bottom. If you think you've got what it takes for fast paced growth, flexibility to adapt to changes, and the smarts to be the best, then we want YOU.

Desired Skills & Experience
  • Bachelors degree
  • 1-2 years relevant working experience
  • Proven track record at achieving measurable goals at previous jobs
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Ability to speak articulately and credibly
  • Excellent organizational, time-management, and prioritization skills
  • Strong business acumen and curiosity about the prospect's business (you'll talk with all kinds of business - it's fun!)
  • Ability to work both independently and within a team environment
  • Strong technical expertise (you like computers and actually care about what smartphone you have - none of this "can you fix it for me")
  • Outbound sales call experience preferred
  • Knowledge and experience working with a CRM system
  • Confidence to overcome objections and convert interest into qualified leads (have you read The Challenger Sale?)
Channel Sales Manager

At Wrike, we are growing in every way - which means we are growing laterally through 3rd party resellers and channel integration partners as well. This position will be responsible for finding and on-boarding new integration partners and resellers, co-selling with partners and resellers, and driving revenue from channels.

As is typical with start-ups, this role goes beyond basic functions, and this person must have the ability to act independently in an unstructured environment, operate proactively and have a passion/appreciation for the vision and mission of the company.

This is an opportunity to make an impact on a hot, fast-growing market. If you want to experience an explosive growth start-up and be given the responsibility and challenge of creating a new business then Wrike is where you belong. Day-to-day, you'll be recruiting and on-boarding channel partners, developing programs for growing/nurturing channel partners, and acting as the sales manager for channel opportunities. You'll need to manage partner relationships at the executive level and in the field, define/drive improvements to the channel sales process, and collaborate with direct sales, business development, marketing, product management and engineering to facilitate new programs, offerings, and initiatives to drive channel success.

Desired Skills & Experience:
  • 2-8 years of cloud collaboration software sales success (both channels & direct) with aggregate tens of thousands of seats sold through your direct or channel deals
  • Highly motivated; can work in a rapidly growing company and industry
  • Deliver a professional & compelling sales pitch at the C-level (solution selling/business process improvement approach), strong follow-up and closing skills
  • Aggressively leverage the channel to hunt for new sales opportunities
  • Ability to communicate the value of Wrike products in a clear and succinct manner; and teach partners to do the same
  • Strong self-starter who is a team player and can work independently
  • Bachelors degree

We're looking for a star candidate who can help us recruit the best team of talented individuals at Wrike. We're flexible on experience level and can accommodate a position ranging from mid to senior level. You'll work directly with Wrike's founders and executives to build out our world-class team.

In this position you'll proactively source and diligently manage a large volume of candidates through the full cycle - from initial contact to offer acceptance - and build rapport with candidates from entry-level to executive. You'll proactively network, find, inspire and hire great "passive" candidates, successfully cold-call and build relations by phone, and help us build the best place to work at and the best team to do the work - which might include projects outside of typical recruiting/HR responsibilities.

Desired Skills & Experience:
  • Bachelor's Degree is required
  • At least 2 years of recruiting experience, which includes hiring senior sales and/or marketing candidates
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Keen interest in people and their wellbeing
  • You are a charismatic individual able to inspire and influence people's decisions, which is proven by real experience of sourcing passive candidates and winning in very competitive situations
  • Preference is given to candidates with extensive experience of hiring sales professionals in software industry
  • Ability to multitask well and organize your work perfectly

In your cover letter, please, include the list of positions you closed in 2013 and separately in 2014. Tell us why you're the best candidate for this position, show us your skills, experience and excellent track record academically and professionally. Don't forget to include a link to your LinkedIn profile, since it will be your day-to-day tool at work.

IT Support Technician

Wrike has an exciting opportunity for an IT geek with outstanding troubleshooting skills and an aptitude for getting things fixed.

As an IT support technician you will be responsible for providing IT support for company computers and networks on a daily basis. We expect that you can configure network equipment, work well with Windows and MacOS operating systems, and quickly fix any IT software or hardware issue.

This is a part-time job that can be done remotely on some days, but your ability to promptly travel to our office when a problem arises is crucial and non-negotiable.

  • Configure, maintain, and support desktop systems, VoIP, and office/network equipment
  • Ensure that each IT infrastructure component of the office is secure, available, and performing well
  • Help office employees with IT-related activities such as new software installations, configurations, and updates
  • Resolve general IT issues within the company
  • 1+ year of relevant experience
  • Strong troubleshooting skills
  • Good knowledge of Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Basic Networking Skills (TCP/IP)
  • General understanding of VoIP technologies to troubleshoot issues with VoIP call quality
  • Experience with setting up network equipment such as switches, routers, and wireless bridges
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies and systems
  • Ability to investigate hardware issues and replace failed components
  • Ability to perform diagnostic tests for network and systems components