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Mobile Productivity Survey 2016: Executive Summary and Full Report

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Mobile devices are meant to make you more accessible on-the-go

Applications such as email, calendars, notepads, and to-do lists help you get things done no matter where you are. But do these apps actually help you be more productive, or just add more stress? Do they make life easier by giving you easy access to your work, or make it harder because you're plugged in even when you don't want to be? This report covers the findings of our 2016 Mobile Productivity Survey, where Wrike surveyed over 850 people about their productivity and how they feel about using their mobile device for work — is it a friend or foe?
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  • How mobile devices impact work-life balance
  • How people use their mobile devices to be productive out of the office
  • The top problems people face while working on their mobile devices
  • The most popular features & apps used to get work done