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The Five Hidden Costs of Spreadsheets and How to Avoid Them

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The spreadsheet is an outdated and irrelevant project management tool

It doesn't allow for real-time project updates and its limitations become painfully apparent as teams and projects grow. If your projects are stuck in spreadsheets, it could be costing you time, resources, and even your reputation. This guide dissects five major costs of spreadsheets you might not know about. We will also tell you how to combat these costs before they spiral out of control with real lessons from top companies, such as Airbnb.
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What’s in the eBook

  • Why spreadsheets are causing you to miss deadlines
  • How spreadsheets can actually damage your professional reputation as well as your company's
  • How spreadsheets are an underlying cause of miscommunication and duplicate work
  • Practical advice from companies like Airbnb and TGI Friday's on how you can avoid each of these costs