Growing marketing team cut out 50% of meetings by communicating through Wrike

Timothy Seward


ROI Revolution — leading expert in search engine marketing who runs measurable, ROI-driven online advertising in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, and Youtube. Certified partner of Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.

Their story

As the company grew, it was more difficult to get real-time task updates from team members, which jammed the development process

When there were only 5 employees at ROI Revolution, it was easy for the founder to delegate tasks and monitor results in an informal way. As the company developed and the team grew to 30 people (150+ people in 2017), the increasing pressure of multitasking required a management tool. The company tried to use email and Outlook Tasks for this purpose, but rapidly outgrew both. According to Timothy Seward, CEO of ROI Revolution, the problem with these tools was that they provided no visibility, no collaboration, and no easy way to update, unassign, or reassign tasks. Once there were more than 30 people on the team, Timothy realized that task management had become really clumsy. ROI Revolution needed a robust task management system to get things done more efficiently and on time.

I love the fact that Wrike hit everything in my dream list! With Wrike’s help, we get vastly better results, we get more things done and done faster.

Timothy Seward


Their victory

Wrike’s simple and seamless task management solution helped provide visibility on important tasks, and cut meetings in half

Wrike provides ROI Revolution with an easy and helpful way to organize their workflow, structure tasks in neat hierarchies, and break work down into smaller, easy-to-tackle items. Wrike eliminates the stress of multitasking, since there is no need to keep a large number of tasks in mind, and team members can fully focus on getting the work done. ROI Revolution was able to communicate in Wrike just as effectively — if not better — than in face-to-face meetings. “Within just the first couple of weeks that we’ve been using Wrike, I was able to immediately save 50% of the time that we used to spend on meetings,” says Timothy.

Their superpowers

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Customizable Project Views

Wrike allows Timothy and his team to group tasks and structure them in an easy, accurate, and flexible way by filtering by projects, departments, or responsible team member. Team members can view the same group of tasks in different ways, or examine the whole project at once. By simply dragging and dropping items, they can quickly restructure work to keep everyone up-to-date throughout their organization.

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Seamless Email Integration

Everyday a manager receives piles of messages ranging from expo invitations to important business proposals that require thorough review. With Wrike, Timothy is able to forward relevant emails into the task management system to create a brand new task, or add the information to existing tasks. Wrike ensures that no valuable information will ever get buried in the depths of your inbox.

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Friendly Collaborative Environment

Wrike’s friendly social interface naturally encourages team members to collaborate on task discussions. Timothy comments on the benefits of Wrike’s Activity Stream: “It allows people that are working on the task together to share very intricate nuanced details about complex tasks, so that everybody stays on the same page. I think it is just a fabulous feature of Wrike.”

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