The chaos is real: your marketing team is working on complex, long-term plans while new requests keep streaming in. Meanwhile, a global conversation is happening online involving your brand and your industry — yet another thing to track. In addition, your team must be constantly learning new strategies and integrating new tools into what is marketing management for your organization. On top of everything, you need to interface with a variety of internal groups and outside vendors to make it all work.

So how do you tame this mess?

Watch the video below to discover how to best control the chaos using repeatable workflows:

As you just saw, marketing workflows can help your team by making internal processes predictable and easy.

What are Workflows?

Workflows are repeatable steps that your team members follow each time they start a routine project. It's a formula, a tried and tested recipe. Here are some examples of things that could be turned into standard workflows:

  • Creating a new infographic
  • Launching an email campaign
  • Developing a new web page or section of your website
  • Running a paid marketing campaign
  • Planning and developing a new feature
  • Setting up a customer event

See our Marketing Workflows Infographic for a list of workflows and common steps for each.

So How Do Workflows Help You?

Workflows allow you to:

  • List the standard steps, timing, and approvals needed for each deliverable
  • Know who's responsible for each step
  • Stay up-to-date on the status of the project

It's the same process every time. And because of this, you know the handoffs, approvals and timing of each step. This allows your team to focus less on the process and more on being strategic and creative.

Setting Up Workflows in 6 Steps

To set up workflows for your team, follow these steps:

  1. List the major processes that your team completes regularly
  2. Document the steps, responsibilities, and approvals
  3. Set up those steps in a tool like Wrike (using custom workflows)
  4. Manage each process in your project management tool
  5. Get status updates within the tool and via notifications
  6. Eliminate the extra status request emails and meetings, and focus on getting work done within your project management tool

Does Your Marketing Team Have Workflows in Place?

Does your team have standard workflows in place? If so, how has it saved you time? If not, which process would you turn into a standard workflow first?

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