Marketing teams have to be adaptable: they're constantly adjusting to new clients, tools, and audiences. But sometimes they get a little too used to the chaos, and start believing that creative work feels out of control simply by nature.

Work processes get a bad rap. It's true that a flawed workflow can mire your team in needless handoffs, circular approvals, and maddening red tape. But a good workflow can make your team more efficient, clarify roles and responsibilities, and create a reliable system so everyone can focus on being creative.

Marketing Workflows Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

One of the keys to reaping the benefits of a good workflow is to customize it to your team's unique needs. Lead Gen teams have a different process, goal, and measure of success than Content or Email Marketing. Take a look at our new infographic to see typical workflows for 5 types of marketing departments, and to find a process that’s a perfect fit for your team:

Why You Need a Marketing Workflow (#Infographic)

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