"Great men are not born great, they grow great." —Mario Puzo, The Godfather

Being a great digital marketer is partially intuition and the ability to speak the language of your audience; but a larger part is continually studying and learning new skills to make sure your marketing team is evolving at an equal pace with the ever-changing digital world.

Below are 10 skills you need today to go above and beyond in digital marketing. Take a look, and see what you can improve.

  1. Follow a project management methodology
  2. Understand SEO best practices
  3. Communicate with technical staff and upper management
  4. Be able to create or provide direction on creating a digital marketing strategy
  5. Understand email marketing best practices
  6. Manage your marketing staff and the costs incurred to provide the best outcomes
  7. Evaluate your social media options
  8. Be able to continually provide business justification of your projects
  9. Understand Google Analytics to interpret and communicate data, metrics and marketing analytics
  10. Know and drive the entire team toward your project goals
10 Skills Required for Great Digital Marketers
Source: Premium IT Solutions


What else does it take to be great at digital marketing?

If you've worked with great marketers, or you've honed your own skills year after year, share your wisdom in the comments. What does a great digital marketer need these days?