5 Must-Have Skills for the Project Manager Resume in 2015

If you're entering the job market this year, either for the first time or to make an exciting new career change, you may be wondering how to make your project manager resume stand out from the pack.

Make sure these 5 essential skills are on your CV to land interviews at the leading companies on your list.

Essential Skills for Your Project Manager Resume

1. Agile Experience Agile isn't the new kid on the block anymore, it's the most popular methodology around. And with the Internet of Things and wearables industries poised for massive growth, development teams in particular will have to quickly respond to a constant stream of data giving them new insights into what customers want. Experience with Agile will become an expectation for project managers, not a feather in your cap.

2. Business Strategy It's no longer enough to be responsive to change — you need to see it coming. With the fast pace of business and shifting market demands, project managers will need to understand business strategy so they can anticipate market changes and be ready when they hit.

3. Risk Assessment & Management As the global economy continues to recover, companies can't afford to take unnecessary risks or suffer project failure. The ability to confidently calculate an acceptable amount of risk, as well as assess and manage threats (and opportunities) to your projects to achieve the best possible outcome, will be a top skill for project managers.

4. Resource Management As companies navigate increasingly complicated markets, their business strategies — and the projects to implement them — are becoming larger and more complex. Complex projects often mean larger teams to manage, more resources to coordinate, and more stakeholders to please.

5. Proven Ability to Fight Scope Creep Resources are tight, project complexity is on the rise, and speed of execution is more important than ever. Project managers who can keep projects on track and successfully fight unnecessary scope creep are increasingly valuable to their organizations. Highlight on your resume any projects where you wrote a detailed scope statement — and stuck to it.

Essential Skills for Project Management Success

What do you think are the most important skills for project managers? Share your thoughts with fellow project managers in the comments below.

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