Delivering critical therapies to patients and providing innovative services to customers in 110 different countries is not an easy mission. Syneos Health, a fully integrated, end-to-end biopharmaceutical solutions organization, works to do just that by bringing important new solutions to its healthcare and research clients around the world. However, such work requires a smooth and efficiently managed workflow, unified and compatible with its over 28,000 employees. 

Before Wrike, Syneos Health handled its workload through a network of disconnected systems that may seem familiar to many other organizations — emails, Excel sheets, in-house proprietary systems, and manual notes. As the company faced increasing demands and volume of work, Sherrie Besecker, Creative Technology Manager at Syneos Health, knew they had to find a better solution.

“Our reliance on disconnected management systems and manual processes resulted in inefficiencies and redundancies across our workflows,” Besecker mentions. “It was time for a change.” 

Developing a workplace of the future: How Syneos Health uses Wrike

Syneos Health saw immediate, tangible benefits by onboarding Wrike. It was just what the doctor ordered — a robust, flexible work management solution that unified information and processes in one accessible platform. Teams are now able to: 

  • Better establish on-demand, real-time visibility into project pipelines while cutting down on time-consuming routines like emails and meetings
  • Save countless hours and resources by leveraging digital tools to automate repetitive processes, freeing them up to do more important work
  • Utilize Wrike’s versatility and flexibility to build customized workflows to fit their needs, making it easily scalable and shareable across thousands of employees

Since deployment, they've managed over 15,000 projects and 215,000 tasks through Wrike, issuing more than 200 new tasks each day. 

“I’m constantly inspired by what can be accomplished with Wrike,” Besecker says. “I have a lot of light bulb moments when I discover a new feature or way of working that enables me to do something in a fraction of the time it took before. If there’s a problem in our workflow, the solution is there in Wrike. There are infinite possibilities in what you can do, what you can create, and the output.” 

Looking to learn more? Watch the video – and read the in-depth case study on how Syneos Health uses Wrike to create their ideal workplace of the future.