We all have customers, and want to deliver what they need as quickly as possible. What's the secret? Capturing complete customer needs at the beginning, setting the right expectations, and delighting the customer with a high quality solution. Easy, right?

Today, Wrike introduces an enhancement to provide faster, better service. Now, requirements can be collected directly on Request Forms from clients or internal stakeholders, and saved directly to custom fields in a project or task. From there, you can use custom fields to automatically create, assign, & schedule a project from a template, and share progress in Dashboards & Reports. This new release instantly moves customer data directly into your workflow, helping you reduce manual steps and accelerate delivery.

Unlike most form solutions, Wrike's Request Forms offer 5 distinct advantages:

  1. A dynamic, tailored experience for customers in desktop and mobile environments. Wrike's Dynamic Request Forms segment customer needs and types, displaying different pages and questions based on needs. All requesters receive an auto-confirmation, and Wrike users can track progress of their requests in real time. The experience is also optimized in Wrike's native iOS and Android mobile apps — great for meetings with clients, or while commuting or traveling. This experience reduces the need for clients to ask your team questions, conserving everyone's time.
  2. Automatic assignment of work. You can automatically assign different types of work based on custom field responses such as location, project type, or specific requirements.
  3. Automatic scheduling of work. You can automatically set the start or end date of the created task or project to match your customer's requested date.
  4. Monitoring request types in visual dashboards. Now, you can segment and monitor requests in graphical Dashboards, shared with teams to manage work.
  5. Reporting, aggregating and analyzing custom field data. All custom field responses automatically flow into Wrike Reports, displaying, which can total items, and average numerical data across created Projects or Tasks. Reports can be shared with teams or clients real-time, and scheduled as a regular notification (daily or weekly).

New Enhancements

You can collect custom fields directly in Request Forms, in one easy step. With complete requirements up front, there is less back and forth with your requester, and work can start immediately.

Request Forms now capture short answer text, paragraph, drop-down, number, percentage, currency, and dates saved to custom fields in a project and/or task.

Request Form Example:

Sample request form with custom fields

Custom fields instantly appear right inside a project or task, for easy reference. No need to manually update, move, or import data from other sources. Everything is right there waiting for the team. Data is securely shared at the field level only with team members with proper access.

Custom fields from a request form

You can create, auto-assign, and schedule a project from a template, based on drop-down and date field responses in a Request.

Marketing Initiative Request Form

You can easily monitor workflow and specific customer segments with Reports. Custom field data can be displayed, aggregated and filtered. Reports can be shared internally or with clients to review progress, and scheduled on a regular basis with Inbox/email notifications.

Table view

Learn More at Our Webinar, on Wednesday, September 29th

Webinar: "Accelerate Requests with Custom Field", Wednesday, September 29, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. PT, 4:30 ET. At our live online webinar, you'll learn:

  • Capture requirements in custom fields on Dynamic Request Forms
  • Segment Requests by project, customer, and delivery info in custom fields
  • Easily monitor progress of Requests in Dashboards
  • Aggregate and compare custom field data in graphical and table Reports
  • Enable requesters to track work with auto‑confirmations
  • Create snapshots and exports of data as needed
  • Sync custom fields through data integrations
  • ...and much more!