If you haven't checked out our latest feature, Wrike Requests, now is the time to give it a try. We've just added the ability to attach files to Requests — providing even more clarity and context so you can complete projects faster.

Attach an example image to a creative brief, a screenshot to a new project request, or even an iPhone snapshot of the napkin diagram you sketched out during a quick brainstorm.

Here's how it works: When you're assembling your request form, you can allow requestors to attach files by simply adding a "File attachments" field to your Request form.

Requestors can then add files directly into their form submission by clicking the "Upload Files" link. New: Attach Files to Request Forms

Please note:
  • Multiple attachments can be added to a field
  • The maximum file size per attached file is 500 MB
  • Cloud storage file attachments are not currently supported.
  • Files are added to the task’s attachment section.

Make managing incoming work a breeze with Wrike Requests

Attachments boost the power of Wrike Requests for your business making rework and miscommunication a thing of the past. Wrike Requests is available to all Wrike Enterprise and Business customers. Try out Requests by starting a free trial of Wrike Enterprise.