Do you ever miss project deadlines due to rapid-fire change requests, unclear priorities, or other unexpected bottlenecks? You're not alone. According to Wrike's 2015 Work Management Survey, 42% of respondents say their final deadlines shift due to unexpected changes. 
Unexpected changes happen, and you will only experience more as teams grow more agile. The problem is visibility: recognizing roadblocks and bottlenecks before they become a problem, and fixing them in time to meet your deadline. 

Wrike's Reports Provide Visibility to Issues Before They Impact Your Timeline

Insightful, real-time Reports and Dashboards are the solution to this problem. Catch problems as soon as they happen, such as missed hand-offs, inconsistent priorities, milestones across teams, overdue work, or unassigned tasks. Use graphical charts, colors, or custom columns to alert teams to key issues. 
Static or siloed reports are useful for a single team, but shared, live, interactive reports are better for cross-functional teams. Why? Because the transparency provides a consistent vocabulary from the start. A team status report allows team members to see problems faster, solutions become more obvious, and everyone can jump in to solve problems as they come up. There is less waiting, less talking, and more doing.

Now You Can Share Report Across Teams

Wrike has just announced a new powerful new feature: Shared Real-Time Interactive Reports. Available in Wrike Business and Enterprise accounts, shared reports provide an up-to-the-minute view of a project for any team member, manger, executive or client. Align everyone with a common view of projects to identify problems, communicate status, and drill-down into details. Let the transparency of shared reports accelerate your team towards your goals.

Share Interactive Reports with Teams, Execs, or Clients

Save your team time by building a report once, and then sharing it with users or groups in a single click. 
You can also update task status on the fly, which is perfect for meetings.
 .graphical dashboard

Recipients Can Instantly Access Reports

Recipients see shared reports immediately in their Reports tab in the navigation menu.  No more waiting for a status update—they can view the status in real time, anytime.
received report
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