Today we're introducing six new Custom Field formats so you can more effectively track the information you need for your projects. 

Now in addition to the original dropdown list and text formats, you can select from 6 new formats:

1. Checkbox. Use this Field for yes/no criteria such as "Critical mission" to mark important tasks that require executive review.

2. Number. To make it easier to work with numerical values, we've added separate fields for text and number values.

3. Percentage. The Percentage Field enables you to track progress and build more detailed financial reports.

4. Currency. Standardize your budget reports into a single format with new options such as adding currency symbols and decimal places.

5. Duration. Together with the new Time Spent column that displays time tracked with the timer, this field helps you compare estimated vs. actual time spent side-by-side.


6. Date. Set dates for internal milestones, reviews or updates. Software development teams that work with Backlog stories may use this field for time-sensitive requirements.

We hope these improvements make your project management and project tracking system in Wrike even more convenient. Don't forget to check out Table view enhancements and new Custom Fields functionality, if you haven't seen it yet. Please share how you use new types of Custom Fields with us and other Wrike users in comments!

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