It's Friday at 4:00 pm, and you have to deliver your weekly project status report in 30 minutes. You're stressed out waiting on updates from your team. It's a tightrope walk: on one hand, you want the latest info to be included, on the other, you don't want to deliver the report late to executives and clients.

Sound familiar?

Agile teams approach Reports differently. Instead of creating a parallel process for reporting the progress of sprints, managers design a smooth workflow for the team, with a single field to update status. Then they share a transparent report into that workflow: a real-time, single source of truth. Teams are empowered to update tasks as they go. Management can view the workflow report anytime to see where things stand.

Wrike recently launched Shared Interactive Reports to instantly provide that real-time view to teams, execs and clients. But you still want to make sure that tasks are updated regularly and that managers review project status at least once a week.

Today, Wrike released Scheduled Report Reminders to solve this problem.

Now, your team can receive scheduled reminders in their Wrike Inboxes and via email (e.g. Friday at 2:00 pm before a stand-up meeting). This reminder links directly to the report where your team can click into tasks to update them quickly. Your senior management team and clients can subscribe to a reminder (e.g. Friday at 4:30 pm) to see the latest updates each week, and provide feedback to you. And everyone can move on with their Friday evening, stress-free.

Share Reports Instantly

Easily share your reports with teams, execs, and clients. Recipients see them instantly in their Wrike Reports area. All recipients see the report exactly as you designed it, and can sort the report to meet their needs.

Report subscribe tooltip

Subscribe to Scheduled Report Reminders

Ask teams to subscribe to a reminder to submit their updates at a particular time. Execs and clients can subscribe to receive reminders to review and provide feedback on the report.

Subscribe to report

Save Time: Linking Directly to the Report

Reminders help save time. It allows you to simply click from the reminder into the interactive report to make updates or provide feedback.

Inbox Notifications

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Reports are available in Wrike's Business and Enterprise versions.