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How to Get an Agile Scrum Certification?

There are many providers offering Agile Scrum certifications, starting from the training programs offered by Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber on

You will also find universities, colleges, and specialist providers offering both Agile and Scrum certifications that are available in different study modes — both in person and online. Organizations can also hire Scrum coaches to train employees internally.

What Agile and Scrum certifications are available?

There are a number of different Agile and Scrum courses and certifications available for those who wish to gain these project management credentials. Here are some examples from a number of reputable providers:

Courses and certifications are mostly role-based. For example, to qualify as a Scrum master or another as a product owner.

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How Agile and Scrum certifications are structured

Agile Scrum certifications typically consist of a number of modules and assessments that need to be completed to achieve certification. There are also shorter courses covering the basics that do not continue down the certification path.

More advanced certifications are offered once the base ones are completed. For example,’s Professional Agile LeadershipTM (PAL I) focusing on the value Agile can add to a business more broadly.

What qualifications are needed for Agile and Scrum certification?

There are no formal requirements in most cases. However, a provider may expect a prospective student to have experience in project management.

Advanced certifications will require applicants to already hold an Agile or Scrum certification.

Agile Scrum certification costs

Costs vary greatly depending on the type of training and provider. Candidates can expect to pay in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. The most cost-effective route is via self-learning where candidates can learn by accessing free resources and only need to pay assessment fees. 

Additionally, many companies will cover the cost of an Agile Scrum certification through a workplace development program. This enables employees to pursue certification at little to no personal cost.