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What Is The Daily Kanban Stand-up?

If you’re considering an Agile approach for project management, holding daily stand-up meetings will be on your to-do list.

Daily stand-up meetings are short, 15-minute sessions that allow Agile teams to connect about project progress quickly. These daily stand-up meetings can be run differently based on the project management approach your team is using. For instance, daily Scrum meetings and Kanban stand-ups will have different priorities and agendas.

Daily Kanban stand-ups help Agile teams share project progress, discuss and resolve potential issues and help set up a consistent and smooth project workflow.

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How do daily Kanban stand-up meetings work?

Before starting a daily Kanban stand-up meeting, teams pull up visual Kanban boards to give every team member clarity about the tasks that have been completed and the ones that are yet to be done.

Flow of work

Flow of work is the priority. Since Kanban is focused on flow, the intention is to prioritize tasks that help make workflows run more smoothly and efficiently.

Key stakeholders critically analyze the Kanban cards to identify potential disruptions or bottlenecks. Any capacity challenges or work impediments are identified and communicated to the team so that practice problem-solving can take place.

Workflow improvements

One  of the most important questions for any team member attending a daily Kanban stand-up meeting is ‘how can the workflow be improved?’

Teams should strive for constant improvements and process efficiencies. The daily stand-ups also serve as a great opportunity for every team member to come up with practical solutions that can help optimize flows and remove disruptions.

Since the visual workflows and progress are available for everyone to see, Kanban stand-ups help avoid wastage of time and effort by discussing all the granular details.

Irrespective of the Agile project management approach your team uses, incorporating daily stand-ups are a must-have for ensuring your project stays on course.

Use daily Kanban stand-up meetings to optimize production by identifying and resolving bottlenecks before they occur. Keep your Agile teams focused while delivering real-time visibility to key stakeholders in the project and organization.