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Online To-Do List for Work

Manage all of your team tasks from one space with Wrike’s versatile work to-do list software.


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<h5>Seamless set-up</h5>
Seamless set-up

Setting up your work to-do list is easy with Wrike. Create tasks and subtasks in seconds, and cross-tag them into relevant folders to categorize your workload.

<h5>Customizable tools</h5>
Customizable tools

Wrike’s task management software can be tailored to suit your specific assignments. Explore custom request forms, workflows, and project views.

<h5>Speedy delivery</h5>
Speedy delivery

Monitor team to-do lists at a glance to assess individual progress. Address roadblocks to ensure deadlines are met and projects are delivered on time.

Wave goodbye to sticky notes

Is your workload spread across scattered notes, hasty DMs, and flagged emails? Streamline your individual and group tasks with Wrike’s online to-do lists.

Optimize your team to-do list with these templates

agile teams
Actionable Meeting Notes

Keep track of meeting minutes and turn them into action items. Create tasks and subtasks, and assign them to team members to get the ball rolling.

project management
Action Plan

Optimize your task management with Wrike. Use this template to track team progress and meet project objectives.

agile teams
Sprint Planning

Add structure to your sprints with this template. Create task accountability, limit priorities, and prepare for sprint retrospectives.

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“I used to operate three different notebooks with all my to-do lists for each event. I think everyone in the office benefits from dashboards.”

Celene Curry, Event Operations, Goodwood
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“Now, we can ensure that certain steps of our standardized processes have been followed, approved, and viewed by the right people. Wrike simply helps people work well together.”

Christina Fischer, Global Product Manager, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
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“Wrike’s Activity Stream became a quick, online way for everyone to observe what’s going on without sitting through briefings five times per week.”

Curtis Ray, VP of Engineering, Tactus

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<p>Take control of your work to-do list</p>

Take control of your work to-do list

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<p>Take control of your work to-do list</p>